Activities at Twitchen House Holiday Park

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Woolacombe in North Devon, we is a treasure trove of activities at Twitchen House Holiday Park, offering relaxation and adventure for all ages.

Twitchen House main building Woolacombe Bay

We stayed at Twitchen House camping and caravan park in June 2024. One of the three Woolacombe Bay sites, a great British getaway with a charming blend of natural beauty and entertainment at Twitchen House.

Before exploring the activities at Twitchen House, we invite you to read more about our review of the camping and touring facilities available at this picturesque park. We also have another post about entertainment coming soon.

Woolacombe Bay offers three fantastic holiday parks: Twithchen House, Woolacombe Bay, and Easewell Farm. Staying at any of them gives you access to facilities and activities at all three sites.

A picture of the adventure golf, outdoor pool, climbing wall and splash park at Twitchen house Woolacombe

Whether you indulge in spa treatments, challenge yourself on climbing walls, or explore the natural beauty surrounding these locations, your stay at Twitchen House opens up a world of possibilities. It’s an invitation to create memories for every member of your party.

Free Activities

Twitchen House offers plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay. Here are some of the things we enjoyed during our holiday there. I will start with the free activities!

Swimming Pools

One of Twitchen House’s big selling points was its indoor and outdoor pools; we all know what the British weather is like, and having both there made it possible to swim whatever the weather!


The indoor pool at Twichen House must be booked in advance. You can book online 24 hours to 15 minutes before your desired time (if slots are available). The indoor pool has two fun water slides.

Indoor pool Twitchen House

There are two indoor pools at Twitchen Park. One is a shallow toddler splash pool, and the second is deeper and has the same depth throughout. The pool water is comfortably warm, and the changing areas are well-heated so you won’t get cold!

Luke, Joel Kay and Zara coming down the swimming pool slides at Twitchen house

The changing facilities are good and very clean. However, they could use some more showers at busy times. Lockers are available. There is a spectator section for anyone not swimming where you can sit and watch the kids.

The indoor swimming pools are free, but you must book the indoor pool at Twitchen House and Woolacombe Bay; the Easewell Park indoor pool does not need to be booked.


The outdoor pool does not need booking; you can turn up anytime between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. It is heated from May 18th to September 8th.

Outdoor swimming pool at Twitchen house Holiday park
Luke from Flawless journeys standing next to the Outdoor flume

There is also an outdoor flume and Splash Pad water play area.

The splash pool at Twitchen House


There is a park area for the kids to let off steam and play. This is on the other side of the splash park, near Nisa’s shop.

People on the swings at The park Twitchen House Woolacombe
Luke playing adventure golf at Twitchen house

Adventure Golf Course

Adventure golf is free; you leave a £3 deposit for the clubs and balls when you collect them at reception.


There are a few free activities with the explorers at Twitchen House, but they still need to be booked in advance. There are some paid ones too. Here is the activity timetable.

explorers schedule at Twitchen house

Paid Activities

The paid activities at Twitchen House are available for booking two weeks before your arrival. I highly recommend doing so, as some get booked way in advance.

Climbing Wall

This is suitable for most ages, but it was surprisingly tricky; there are 3 paths to choose from, and our children struggled with them all! My 15-year-old daughter made it halfway up on one of them. It is £6 for 15 minutes.

Zara and Joel climbing on the climbing wall

Water Walkerz

You can book the Water Walkerz experience for just £6 per turn. This exciting activity is suitable for all ages and offers a fun-filled time on the water.

Bungee Trampoline

The kids enjoyed flipping around on this bungee trampoline. It costs £6 for 10 minutes of bouncing, it doesn’t sound long, but they both came off tired! They allow you to flip on them, too, much to my daughter’s delight!

Joel on the Bungee Trampoline
Zara on the Bungee Trampoline

Fire Lighting Skills

The fire lighting skills class led by Helen, an experienced explorer, was a highlight of our adventure with the teens. Her ability to engage participants of all ages made the experience educational and fun. Through her expert guidance, everyone learned the essential survival skill of igniting a fire using flint and steel. This technique fascinated them, sparking a sense of achievement as they watched their first sparks turn into a small flame.

Explorer staff help Joel and zara doing Fire lighting Skills

As the lesson progressed, Helen showed them how to safely build and manage a more significant fire within the heart of a wooded area. This wasn’t just about survival; it was about creating moments of joy and warmth.

Zara and Joel holding Marshmallows over an open fire with the explorer staff

They gathered around the crackling fire and boiled water in a camping kettle to make hot chocolate and melted marshmallows over the flames. It was more than just learning about fire; it was an experience that taught teamwork, patience, and enjoying nature’s simple pleasures.

Pottery Painting

Our visit to the pottery painting workshop was an unforgettable experience. Upon arrival, we were shown the items available for painting. From small wall plaques or practical mugs begging to be adorned with colours, tealight holders, money banks waiting to be filled with character, vases and pots that seemed perfect for adding a bit of personality to plants.

Pottery that have been painted on put shelves

The process was straightforward and immensely enjoyable. We booked a table (which is for upto 4 people) and paid a deposit. This deposit was later deducted from the cost of whatever items we decided to paint. Armed with the workshop’s various paints and tools, we set our creativity free on two cups. It felt therapeutic, dabbing and brushing colours onto what would soon be our very own masterpieces.

Kay painting her mug in the Pottery painting area

Once we finished painting, we left our creations in the capable hands of the workshop staff, Samantha, who fired them in their kiln. The anticipation of seeing the final product added an extra layer of excitement to the experience. True enough, when we collected our cups the next day (thankfully, we completed our work before 3 pm), they were more beautiful than we had imagined. The firing process had vividly brought out every colour.

Two cups and a fairy that has been painted

This pottery painting workshop offered us a delightful afternoon and unique items, an excellent way to remember our trip. The pictures above were taken before they went in the kiln; they came out a lot brighter than this!


There is a small cinema on-site at Twitchen Holiday Park. It alternates three shows over five sittings daily of the latest films and is bookable at reception when you arrive on site.

The Cinema at Twitchen house
The Cinema at Twitchen house

In June 2024, the prices were £7 for adults and £6 for kids. It is cheaper to go to the early 9 a.m. show.

Four cinema tickets for IF the movie being held

During our stay, we watched the film IF; we had the whole screen to ourselves! Remember to pick up some popcorn and drinks from the Nisa before you go, as there was none to buy at the screening.

Cinema schedule Twitchen House

18 hole / 9 Hole Golf Course

This golf course is at Easewell Farm Site. You can hire clubs there for £7 and £5 for trolly hire. You have options for an 18-hole, 9-hole, or a 9-hole twilight session from 5 pm to 7 pm.


Twitchen House Park is a treasure trove for arcade enthusiasts. It offers an impressive array of games that cater to all ages and tastes. Kay’s particular favourite is the 2p coin slots, where you can enjoy the simple pleasure of watching those coins teeter and fall, potentially winning small keyring prizes or the satisfaction of a cascade of coins. Beyond these nostalgic machines, the arcade boasts various other amusements.

Arcade at Twitchen house

Air hockey tables beckon with the promise of fast-paced competition. Nearby, claw machines stand in colourful rows, their glass cases filled with plush toys and quirky gadgets that tempt passersby with the challenge of a skilful grab.

People playing on the game machines at the Arcade Twitchen House

For those inclined towards more action-packed entertainment, shooting games offer a chance to test one’s aim. The driving arcades provide an adrenaline rush with their high-speed races through virtual cities and countryside in mock-up cars or motorcycles, steering through sharp turns and overtaking opponents on the screen in front of them.

Mini Ten Pin Bowling Alley

This is a small bowling alley/skittles with two lanes, situated inside the arcade area in Twitchen. You do not need to book in advance. It was a bit too small for our teens but suitable for younger children.

Luke at the bowling alley in the arcade

Pool Tables

The Sail Loft entertainment room has two pool tables. To play, you need a £1 coin.

Pool tables in the sail loft entertainment area


We love Bingo!! It is £6 for a book with four games (two for a line and two for a full house). You have to arrive with cash to buy Bingo tickets between 7.00 and 7.45 pm. Eyes down for 8.00 pm.

Luke playing Bingo
A bingo book being marked off with a orange pen

I liked that the under-18s could join in the last two games. They get a free ticket with a paying adult, playing for a line (whilst adults play for a full house). The under-18s will win sweets and a certificate, not cash!

We played every evening, winning £66 one night and £99.50 another. So £165.50 – £24 spent on books, we were up £141.50! The bingo winnings are given in cash.


Woolacombe Bay has a gym, which costs £6 per session. We did not visit during our stay!


You can also book a spa experience at the Woolacombe Bay site for £15 per person. The experience includes a dry sauna, an infrared sauna, two steam rooms, jacuzzis, and a cold plunge pool. There are also relaxation areas with heated loungers.

You get a locker, towel and chilled water. Phones are not allowed in the spa.

Sun shower

Want a tan? You can use the sun shower at the spa to give you a holiday glow tan! It is £2.50 for 3 minutes.

Things to Do Near to Twitchen House

If you have finished your activities at Twitchen House Holiday Park, here are a few things to do nearby.

Woolacombe Beach

Woolacombe Beach is our favourite beach for building sandcastles and bodyboarding (or surfing). It’s just a 10-minute drive from Twitchen House Holiday Park.

Woolacombe Beach

For those preferring to soak in the scenic beauty on foot, a safe route takes you through the woods at Twitchen House and over the fields. This walk is quite hilly and takes approximately 20 minutes.

Luke with his body board at woolacombe beach
Zara and Joel at Woolacombe beach

Whether you’re coming for the surf or to relax with ice cream on its vast expanse of sand, Woolacombe Beach promises an unforgettable visit filled with joy and excitement. There are food and drink outlets and shops at the beach’s entrance.

There are some dog-friendly sections on this beach.

Barricade Beach

This small beach next door to Woolacombe Beach is beautiful, set in a cove surrounded by rocks. You can visit during the day (if the weather is good). There is a beach cafe that serves snacks and lunch during the day. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead.

Barricane beach cafe

Our favourite thing is that after 5 pm, they serve Sri Lankan curry, which takes us back to our travels in Ella, Sri Lanka! Don’t miss out, it’s delicious!

More Places to visit near Woolacombe

If you want to travel further out, here are some other things you may enjoy. When you get to your holiday park, you will receive a discount for the following places:

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