Shops in Katara Village Doha

In April 2024, we enjoyed exploring the vibrant Shops in Katara Cultural Village in Doha, where art, nature, and heritage come together to give visitors a captivating experience.

Rondvill toy Shop and Galeries Lafayette Shopping mall in Katara Village Doha

From its sprawling beaches to the grandeur of its amphitheatre, the wonders showcased at the planetarium, the spiritual serenity of its mosques, and the lush greenery adorning the Katara Hills – every corner of this cultural hub offers an escape into a world where tradition meets modernity.

Luke and Kay from Flawless Journeys Katara Village Doha

While we are eager to delve into each of these attractions in future posts, today we’re focusing on an aspect of Katara that beautifully complements its cultural offerings – the shops in Katara Village.

21 High Street

21 High St in Qatar is the ultimate outdoor shopping destination, where luxury meets art & culture. It offers an outdoor shopping experience.

Luke walking through 21 High street in Katara Cultural village in Katara Village Doha

With an air-cooled outdoor street, providing a comfortable environment to enjoy all year round.


Like many places in Qatar, the shops in Katara are grand and beautifully designed. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion, exquisite jewellery, beauty products, or groceries or simply want to window shop, the stores in Katara promise a delightful experience.

Luke from Flawless journeys standing under a arch way looking at Galeries Lafayette in Katara Village

Galeries Lafayette

We wandered into the Galeries Lafayette department store, feeling every bit the wide-eyed tourist amidst its grandeur.

Luke from Flawless journeys looking at Chanel perfumes in Galeries Lafayette Shopping mall in Katara Village Doha
Ladies clothing section Galeries Lafayette Shopping mall

This luxury mall with the same name as the famous Paris store has everything you need.

Make up department Galeries Lafayette Doha
Designer shoe section in the Galeries Lafayette Shopping Doha

From beauty products to the latest fashion clothes.

Designer glasses and watches section in the Galeries Lafayette Shopping mall
Children's clothing department in Galeries Lafayette Shopping mall

You will find sunglasses, handbags and shoes, kid’s clothes and fitness equipment here.

Sports clothing section in the Galeries Lafayette Shopping mall
Luke going down an escalator in the Galeries Lafayette Shopping department in Katara village

974 Delights

On the top floor of Galeries Lafayette, there is a coffee/dessert shop called 974 Delights where you can treat yourself to the finest sweet treats.

Cafe Pouchkine

Once you have shopped to your drop, you can pick yourself up with pastries at the Café Pouchkine.

Cafe Pouchkine seating areas in Katara Village Doha

A super cute cafe with giant teddy bears sitting in the chairs. There is also an outdoor seating area.

A giant teddy bear sitting at a table inside the Cafe Pouchkine in Katara Village
Cafe Pouchkine front entrance with outdoor seating in Katara Village Doha


When you first arrive at Katara Village, you will notice the huge present-shaped building. This is home to the Rondvill Toy Shop.

Kay standing outside the front entrance of Rondvill Toy store in Katara village in Doha

It turned us into big kids again, with its huge transformer statues guarding the entrance.

Luke standing under a large Transformer at Rondvill in Katara Village Doha
Kay standing under a huge transformer statue

Once inside we were thrilled to get up close and personal with a life-sized Batman and Stormtrooper.

Kay from Flawless journeys standing with a statue of Batman
Luke from Flawless journeys standing with a statue of a star wars storm trooper

This is any kid’s dream shop; they had a large selection of limited edition toys and collectable models there too.

Collectable model toys in a glass cabinet


Snan isn’t just a food hall; it’s a culinary adventure.

Snan Food Hall front entrance in Katara Village Doha

We, the owners of, are passionate recipe bloggers who find it hard to resist exploring supermarkets even during our holidays!

Luke and Kay taking selfie outside the food hall
Luke standing on the metal stair case inside the Snan Food Hall in Katara Village Doha

We did not need any groceries, but we went in to bask in its beauty; it’s a must-visit for any food enthusiast.

Luke walking through Snan Food Hall
Snan Food Hall in Katara Village Doha

At the top of the stunning staircase, there is a restaurant selling pizza, pasta, salad, and more!

Tables inside the Italian restaurant in the Snan food hall
Italian restaurant at the top of the Snan Food Hall in Katara Village Doha

Joes Cafe

Whether you fancy kickstarting your day with a perfectly brewed espresso, grabbing a relaxed lunch with stunning architectural views, or diving into a night of cultural vibes, Joe’s Café delivers an experience embodying the spirit of Katara Cultural Village.

Joes cafe in Katara Village Doha

Each cup of coffee is crafted with precision, offering patrons a taste of the world’s finest beans. The menu boasts an array of options, from classic pastries to main meals blending local flavours with international cuisine, ensuring everything satisfies every palate.

What to wear at Katara Village whilst shopping?

When shopping in Katara, as is customary in most places across Qatar, it’s important to dress respectfully. This means ensuring that you wear clothes that cover both knees and shoulders.

Kay standing outside a water fountain in Katara village

While the country welcomes visitors from around the globe with open arms, wearing respectful clothing not only shows your respect for local customs but also enhances your experience as you blend more seamlessly into the vibrant daily life of this dynamic community.

How to get to Katara

Just north of the Pearl-Qatar (check out our travel guide for The Pearl here) and south of West Bay. We got the metro train from West Bay as we were staying at the Rixos Hotel – Read more about our stay here.

Public Transport

Katara is super easy to get to by public transport, Doha Metro, Uber, or Taxi. If you’re up for a full day of sightseeing, you can explore Katara Village with the DohaBus Hop On Hop Off service.

Doha sightseeing bus outside Katara village

Car Park

There are plenty of car parking areas for Katara.

We hope you enjoyed this post about the shops in Katara. We will soon post more about the Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar!

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