Mosques in Katara Cultural Village Qatar

During our visit to Katara Cultural Village in Qatar, in April 2024, we made sure to check out both mosques, known as masjids in Qatar, each with its own unique beauty.

As a diverse and multicultural country, Qatar’s mosques showcase unique architectural designs and cultural influences. From the intricate details to the tranquil ambience.

There are many things to see and do, including beautiful art and cultural displays. Be sure to check out our previous post about the shops at Katara.

Katara Masjid

The Katara mosque has mosaic tiles in blue, purple, gold, and turquoise, making them stand out in all their glory! Also often referred to as the Blue Mosque of Katara.

Kay standing outside the Blue Mosque in Katara Doha

It is a stunning site and worth a visit from the outside. We often admire mosques’ architecture, but unbeknown to us, they also welcome visitors to look inside.

Don’t forget to check out the separate minaret, the tower next to the mosque which is just as beautiful as the mosque.

Kay standing outside the Katara Masjid Minaret in Doha
Kay sitting at the bottom of the Minaret Katara Mosque in Doha

As non-Muslim tourists, we were pleasantly surprised and greatly honoured by the warm welcome at Katara masjid. Everybody is invited to take a look inside the breathtaking Katara Mosque.

Katara Mosque in Cultural Village Doha

This experience enriched our visit and was a highlight of our visit to Katara Village, offering us a glimpse into the spiritual and cultural essence of Qatar. We did not take pictures inside with respect to the people who were praying.

What to wear to visit Katara Mosque

When visiting Katara Cultural Village, it is important to dress correctly in accordance with Qatar’s culture and religion. This is especially true when visiting the Katara Mosque.

Both men and women should avoid wearing tight or revealing clothing to show respect for cultural norms. Comfortable footwear is also recommended, you will need to remove your shoes before entering the mosque.

Men should wear long shorts or trousers and shirts or T-shirts with sleeves that cover their shoulders.

Women are expected to dress modestly, wearing long skirts or trousers and tops that cover the shoulders and chest. Muslim women cover their heads with a scarf or shawl inside the mosque; this is not needed for non-Muslim women.

Pigeon Towers

During your visit, the Katara Pigeon Towers adjacent to the Katara Mosque will catch your eye. We will write a separate post about these soon!

Pigeon Towers in Katara Cultural Village

Gold Masjid

The gold mosque, situated near the amphitheatre, is the smallest of the two mosques.

Luke from Flawless journeys standing outside the Gold mosque in Katara village in Qatar
Kay standing at the Katara Golden Masjid in Qatar

It looks stunning with its shiny golden tiles that sparkle in the sunlight. The detailed decorations make it a real sight, grabbing visitors’ attention with its dazzling beauty, which is hard to capture in a picture.

Three arches Entrance of the Golden Mosque in the Katara village in Doha

Tourists are not allowed inside the golden mosque, it is purely a place of worship. But it is stunning from the outside.

Three arches Entrance of the Gold Mosque and the Minaret Tower in Katara Doha

Make sure to see the separate golden minaret tower, next to the entrance too.

Map of Katara Mosques

This map shows the location of the two mosques in the Katara Cultural Village.

Gold Mosque and the Katara Mosques on a map with arrows pointing to buildings number 9 and 17

How to get to Katara Cultural Village

If you’re planning a visit to Katara, to see these magnificent mosques. You can easily jump on the metro to Katara station, which is a short walk away from the mosques. (Shown in the map above)

Doha Sightseeing bus driving past the Katara Mosque in Doha

You can grab a taxi or Uber from your hotel, or you could use the Doha sightseeing bus, which will take you to all the tourist spots.

Or if you are short of time, you can arrange a tour to visit a few places in Doha

Places to stay

Looking for somewhere to stay? You can stay in Katara. They have a beautiful hotel on Katara beach called The Chedi Katara Hotel & Resort or stay next to the shops at 21 High Street Residence. If you can splash the cash, check out the Katara Hills Doha, Lxr Resort.

Read the review of where we stayed during our visit to Qatar at the Rixos Gulf Hotel in Doha.

We will be posting more about Katara Cultural Village soon. While you are nearby, why not visit The Pearl, check out our travel guide to The Pearl.

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