Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

For a cinema experience beyond the usual, we suggest visiting Everyman Chelmsford Cinema.

This contemporary, chic cinema provides a laid-back ambience, and cosy sofas, ideal for couples, families, or a movie outing with a group of friends.

Luke and Kay outside the front entrance of Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Treat yourself to drinks and snacks delivered straight to your seat as you enjoy the latest releases and timeless classics.

Everyman Cinema in Chelmsford offers a luxurious movie-going experience with various screens tailored to meet different preferences. The cinema boasts six screens, each equipped with high-quality projection and sound systems to enhance the viewing experience of new releases, throwback events or live theatre performances!

Take a peek at our exclusive review of this lovely cinema in Chelmsford City. Catch our video tour to get an insider’s view.

Entrance to the bar are of Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

What to expect at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema?

If you’re planning a visit to Everyman Cinema in Chelmsford, you’re in for a treat that goes beyond the usual movie-watching experience.

Nestled in the vibrant Bond Street area, this cinema is about more than just the films. It’s about creating an unforgettable night out.

An outside picture showing Everyman Chelmsford Cinema from a far next the river Chelmer

You’ll get waiter service at your seat with drinks in glasses or cups and many tasty food options (snacks are also available).

Luke from Flawless journeys sitting on the sofa looking at the food and drinks menu at Everyman Cinema Chelmsford

Enjoy comfy furnishings and a warm welcome from the staff. You’ll feel at ease as soon as you step inside.

Their unique way of engaging and making your movie night feel special is really appreciated.

Bar Area

Enhance your experience at Chelmsford Everyman by arriving early and relaxing in the bar foyer before the film. The spacious bar is elegantly furnished with plush velvet sofas, cushioned seats or stools.

Bar area at the Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Choose your spot and unwind while gazing out the large window overlooking Chelmsford City before heading to your screen. Treat yourself to some drinks/food before or during the movie for added enjoyment.

People eating and drinking in the seating are at the Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

If you don’t have time before the show, you can always have a drink or meal afterwards and discuss the film with your friends or loved ones.


The bar offers a variety of alcoholic beverages, such as cocktails, wine, and beer. If you prefer, they offer coffee, hot chocolate, or tea instead. Soft drinks are also on offer.

Drink Menu

Drinks menu at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

I normally order a large glass of white wine and some water, and Luke has a cappuccino with water. These can be drunk at the bar or in one of the comfy seats before the film starts or you can order them to be brought to your seats before the film starts or anytime during the film!

Sweet popcorn, bottle of water cappuccino and 3D glasses on a table at Everyman Cinema Chelmsford
A glass of wine bottle of water and 3D glasses on a small table next to the sofa at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema


The Everyman Cinema menu offers a great variety of tasty treats. Treat yourself to some gourmet food from the Spielburger Kitchen, burgers, hotdogs, or pizzas. Or go for sharing plates with a mix of tapas-style dishes.

If you fancy something sweet, why not indulge in making your own sundae masterpiece? Treat yourself to a heavenly scoop of cookie dough or a slice of delicious cake to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Food Menu

Food menu at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

They also offer typical cinema treats like popcorn, sweets, and chocolates. Once again these can be enjoyed before the screening or ordered during to eat whilst you watch.

We have tried a few bits on the menu pictures coming soon. We have also shared a sweet popcorn together whilst watching films.

Luke from Flawless journeys eating popcorn with his cappuccino at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

You can check out the Everyman Chelmsford menu for food and bar menu here.

Can I take my own food and drink?

No outside food or drink is allowed.


The Everyman cinema boasts six screens, each with high-quality projection and sound systems to enhance the viewing experience.

ScreenSeatsProjectionSoundOther Features
1114Sony 4KDolby Surround 7.1RealD 3D
274Sony 4KDolby Surround 7.1RealD 3D
382Sony 4KDolby Surround 7.1
458Sony 4KDolby Surround 7.1Small Stage
560Sony 4KDolby Surround 5.1
632NECDolby Surround 5.1

Screen 2

In January 2023, we watched Avatar: The Way of Water in 3D on Screen 2, which has 74 seats and is equipped with Sony 4K Projection, RealD 3D, and Dolby Surround 7.1, providing a cosy yet high-quality movie experience.

Luke from Flawless journeys sitting on the sofa at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

The sound quality was superb. The room had tasteful orange and brown hues, and the cosy two-seater sofas with cushions and no armrest between us were perfect for snuggling up together. Unlike other cinema seats, which try to fold up with every movement. Side tables are on both sides for your drinks and snacks.

The roomy gap between each row gave us loads of leg space, making sure we didn’t feel cramped and letting us stretch out in comfort.

Watching Avatar 2 3D at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

We prefer to visit in the daytime; it’s usually quieter and cosier, like our private screen!

Luke and Kay from Flawless Journeys with there 3D Glasses at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Screen 3

We also watched Immaculate in March 2024 on Screen 3, which has 74 seats and is equipped with Sony 4K Projection and Dolby Surround 7.1.

Screen 3 seating area Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

It has more seats than Screen 2 but is still small and intimate with red and purple colour theme. All the Screens have comfy sofas and beautiful lighting.

Luke sitting in a sofa seat in screen 3 at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema


I am aware it may seem random to bring up the topic of toilets, yet the ladies’ facilities in the main lobby are noteworthy!

Powder room and seating area in the ladies toilets in the Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Look how beautiful this powder room is. Looking over the river Chelmer in Chemlsford!

Video Review

Check out our slide video review below


You can book as a guest anytime, which we did for our first two visits. However, we have since decided to become members for an annual fee.

Kay from Flawless Journeys with wearing 3D glasses at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Check out what’s on at Everyman Chelmsford. Updated regularly on their website.

More seating at the at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Everyman Chelmsford Prices

While the prices may be higher than some cinemas, the experience they provide is truly worthwhile. They offer family tickets suitable for 2 adults and 2 children aged up to 14.


For those who love the unique cinema experience, Everyman Cinema offers three membership options. The prices are correct as of March 2024.

Membership Options

Each membership tier is crafted to enhance your Everyman experience, providing a range of options to suit your cinema-going frequency and preferences.

We have the basic Everyman Member package, which still has the same perks as the others and the option to add more tickets if needed.

Everywhere Membership

£89 a year – Ideal for casual movie-goers, this package includes 6 tickets, perfect for those occasional cinema outings.

Everyicon Membership

£325 a year or £28 a month (for 12 months) – This tier offers 24 tickets a year for regular cinema enthusiasts, equating to two movies per month.

Everywhere Membership

£650 a year or £55 a month (for 12 months) – The ultimate package for hardcore film fans, offering unlimited films for a year for you and a guest.

Watching Avatar 2 in 3D at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema whilst having a popcorn and a glass of wine


These are the perks of being a member included with all membership levels.

Monday Guest Pass

Bring a friend for free on Monday screenings.

Ticket Top-Up

Option to buy a bundle of 4 tickets for £58 if you run out. Bear in mind you can only use 2 tickets at a time.

Exclusive Previews & Recommendations

Access to Members’ Previews and weekly film/event recommendations.


Enjoy 10% off food & drink, 10% off private hire, and benefit from no booking fees.

Special Screenings

Here are more details of some of the special screenings they offer.


Everyman Chelmsford offers more than just movies. You can enjoy live theatre, art exhibitions, music gigs, opera, and ballet on the screen at this vibrant venue.

Toddler Club

Every Friday or Saturday, Everyman Cinema Chelmsford offers toddler-friendly cinema screenings. For little ones aged 1 to 5.

Allowing you to relive your childhood favourites or discover the latest family film releases with your little one, one ticket gives you two seats for only £12.50. Plus, your ticket price includes a complimentary warm drink and a slice of cake.

Luke going up the escalator to the entrance of Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Throwback Season

Everyman Chelmsford Cinema also offers a Throwback Screening, where they play classic movies, these come with popcorn and a drink included.

Late Nights

Every Friday night, they have a late-night screening of classics at a discounted price.

Chelmsford Everyman Cinema Location

Everyman Chelmsford Cinema is located in the heart of Chelmsford, Essex, England, between Bond Street and the River Chelmer. Inside the building, there are also plenty of restaurants to choose from.


131 Bond Street, Chelmsford, CM1 1GD 


The closest parking to the cinema is at Bond Street Car Park or Waterloo Lane Car Park


The Everyman Cinema is a ten-minute walk from Chelmsford train station.


The cinema is completely wheelchair accessible, with disabled access provided via lifts to all floors.

Seating area in the Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Our Review

Overall, Everyman Chelmsford Cinema offers a uniquely comfortable cinema experience. We love the variety of food from the Spielburger Kitchen, the fantastic drinks available, and the table service throughout the film.

Luke and Kay from Flawless Journeys at Luke sitting on a sofa seat in screen 3 at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

The bar has a lovely vibe, and they always have exciting events to enjoy. Though slightly pricier than other cinemas, the exceptional service and friendly atmosphere create a memorable visit. In our view, it stands out as the top cinema in Chelmsford, surpassing the larger Odeon in town.

Everyman Chelmsford Cinema main entrance all lit up at night

This Everyman cinema in Chelmsford is a great spot for a romantic date night, a fun hangout with friends, or a special family outing.

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We will soon update our blog with more things to do in Chelmsford, Essex. In the meantime, check out our review of Everyman Wokingham Cinema, which was the first Everyman Cinema we visited.

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