Things to Do in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya, fondly called “Little England” by locals and visitors alike, is a serene, hilly town in central Sri Lanka. Its colonial style buildings, cool climate, tea estates, and lush landscapes provide an idyllic retreat from the tropical heat.

During our honeymoon in September 2023, we enjoyed exploring the quaint town, and we’re excited to share some must-visit places and personal experiences from our trip.

Luke standing out side the front entrance of the post office in Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lanka’s hill country is a popular destination for both Sri Lankans and tourists, it is well worth visiting let us guide you through some of the top things to do in Nuwara Eliya.

Train Journey to Nuwara Eliya

Our adventure to Nuwara Eliya began with a picturesque train ride from Ella, a route renowned for its scenic beauty and tea plantations (you can read more about the Sri Lanka Train from Ella here). We also have things to do in Ella post you may want to check out, too!

Luke and Kay from Flawless journeys on the platform at Nanu Oya in Sri Lanka

After absorbing breathtaking views, our driver greeted us at Nanu Oya train station to complete our journey into the delight of Nuwara Eliya town centre.

Things to Do in Nuwara Eliya

Let’s walk you through our favourite moments from our two days in this charming town to give you ideas for your trip to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

From sending postcards to tasting local street food to learning about tea production, each experience in Nuwara Eliya enriched our travel story.

Despite our short visit, the essence of Nuwara Eliya’s former colonial glory and its natural beauty left a lasting memory. For those pondering what to do in this enchanting town, our travel guide outlines ideas to add to your itinerary.

Stroll through Victoria Park

We took a leisurely morning stroll through Victoria Park, admiring the floral tapestry and greenery. We took so many pictures of all the beautiful flowers and plants in the gardens.

A collage of flower pictures from Victoria Park in Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka

There is plenty to see, and it is very peaceful there. The playful pups in the gardens were a delightful bonus, giving us many photographic moments and sweet memories.

Two wild Dogs at Victoria gardens in Nuwara Eliya

Central Market

Nuwara Eliya’s Central Market beckoned us to explore its fresh produce, including meats, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and spices. We didn’t buy anything, but it’s worth a look!

Collage of pictures of fruit, veg and fresh fish inside the central market in Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka

Street Food

While in Nuwara Eliya, we indulged in delightful street food, including jackfruit curry and boiled corn on the cob.

Kay holding a corn on the cob

Send a Postcard from the Post Office

One of our first stops was the charming Nuwara Eliya Post Office, the oldest post office in Sri Lanka. It is in a Tudor-style building that seemed lifted from an English village.

Luke from flawless journeys standing outside the post office in Nuwara Eliya

We couldn’t resist the chance to send a postcard back home, a small token from ‘Little England’ of our travels and a memory to treasure. You can buy the postcard and stamp from there to send on.

Luke from Flawless journeys Posting a post card in post office in Nuwara Eliya

Golf Course

There is a well-manicured Golf Course in Nuwara Eliya for those who enjoy a game. Despite Luke’s love of golf, we didn’t get time to play.

Someone putting a ball on a Golf Course in Nuwara Eliya

Gregory Lake

The weather didn’t behave during our boat trip on Lake Gregory, which made it very atmospheric, cold, and wet!

Luke and Kay from Flawless Journeys at Lake Gregory boat ride in Nuwara Eliya

We only wished we could have seen it on a warm, clear day, but the mist added an air of mystery to our exploration. Make sure to go more prepared then we were with warmer clothing and proper footwear!

Royal Turf Club – Horses

There were no events during our stay, so we missed seeing a race, but viewing the club’s beautiful horses was a moment to remember.

Horse and rider near the horse track in Nuwara Eliya

Check out the Royal Turf Club website for upcoming events.

Heritance Tea Factory

A highlight of our trip was our stay at the Heritance Tea Factory. This converted factory-turned-hotel exuded a unique rustic elegance and history, curating an authentic tea country experience.

An external picture of the Heritance Hotel Tea Factory in Nuwara Eliya with a golf putting green in front of the hotel

Read our full review of Heritance Tea Factory Hotel in Nuwara Eliya.

Horton Plains

The cold weather and lack of suitable clothing and footwear prevented us from visiting Horton Plains National Park, so we rearranged to take a tour and lunch at the Grand Hotel instead.

Lunch at the Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel provided an exquisite setting for our lunch, which we enjoyed with a delicious Irish coffee.

Irish Coffee from Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

We then took great pleasure touring the building (a full blog post about The Grand Hotel is coming soon!).

Grand hotel entrance to the hotel and car park in Nuwara Eliya

Its vintage British charm, high tea and afternoon tea offerings will whisk you to a bygone era.

Kay from flawless journeys in the Grand hotel Nuwara Eliya


En route to our next destination, Kandy, we headed straight to a viewpoint of an impressive waterfall and took in the majestic Ramboda Falls.

Ramboda waterfall in Nuwara Eliya

There is also another famous waterfall in Nuwara Eliya called Lovers Leap you may want to visit if you get time, you can get a tuk-tuk to the car park, then it is a small hike to the waterfall.

Storefield Tea Factory and Shop

Between Nuwara Eliya and Kandy, we visited the Storefield Tea Factory and Shop, where the tea leaf’s journey from field to cup came to life.

Collage images of the process of making tea at the Storefield tea factory in Gambola Sri Lanka

Our taste buds were treated to a tea-tasting session, and we left with many Ceylon tea leaves from the gift shop, my favourite being the elegant white tea.

Sri Lankan ladies at The tea shop Gambola in Nuwara Eliya

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming blog about things to do in Kandy on Flawless Journeys.

For now, check out our Sri Lankan safari adventures at Yala National Park and Udawalawe National Park.

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