Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha Review

Nestled in a perfect location, the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha is a haven for luxury travellers and families looking to soak up the sun and culture of this vibrant city in Qatar.

Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

Our recent stay at this luxury beach resort in April 2024 provided us with a wealth of experiences, from the sun-kissed beaches to the exquisite dining options and, of course, the hospitality that the Middle East is renowned for.

Luke and Kay from Flawless journeys standing on the beach in front of the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

Here’s our honest take on what you can expect when you book your stay at this prestigious resort.


The All-Inclusive Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha is only a 15-minute drive from the airport. It offers breathtaking views of the Persian Gulf and easy access to some of Doha’s most iconic landmarks, including the National Museum of Qatar and the Museum of Islamic Art.

Balcony view of the gulf coast and west bay skyline at the Rixos hotel Doha Qatar

Other parts of Doha, including West Bay, Souq Waqif, The Pearl, and Lusail, are also within easy reach. The hotel serves as a perfect base for exploring the city’s culture and history.


Our booking experience through booking.com was smooth and hassle-free, a positive start that set the tone for our stay. The hotel’s staff messaged through bookings.com to find out our room preference, twin or king size bed, and if there was anything we needed to know in advance of our stay.

Luke's birthday cake with a slice cut out
Luke holding his birthday cake that the hotel gave him

I did request something that could be arranged for Luke’s birthday. They brought a cake to the room on his birthday, which was a nice touch!


Upon arrival at the Doha Rixos Gulf Hotel, the grandeur of the lobby immediately struck us, adorned with lavish decorations that blend traditional and modern designs.

We were greeted by a juggler, an unexpected yet delightful touch that entertained us right from the start. We were offered a welcome drink and went straight to the desk to check in.

People being served at the Rixos hotel in Doha

Reception Desk

Additionally, we were pleasantly surprised with an early check-in; we arrived at 12 p.m. and our room was ready despite the official check-in time being 3 p.m. However, they mentioned that this is subject to availability, so it’s not something to count on.

There are plenty of comfortable seating areas in the lobby a great escape from the heat.

Luke from flawless journeys sitting in the lobby area in the Rixos hotel Doha


Our Deluxe Room with Sea View was a bit smaller than we thought, but it was packed with modern art, luxury, and comfort. Every little detail was carefully chosen, including top-notch amenities. It was a really comfy spot to unwind after a day of adventures.

Deluxe room with sea view at the Rixos Hotel Doha
King size bed with two bedside cabinets , large bathroom and settee in the Deluxe Seaview room at the Rixos Hotel Doha

Despite its proximity to the airport, the balcony doors provided excellent soundproofing, allowing us to sleep undisturbed.

Robes and slippers with an ironing board and iron in wardrobe
Wardrobe in Rixos hotel room with safe laundry bag, pray mat, Quran and a torch

The wardrobe has plenty of hangers, an iron and ironing board, robes, and slippers. It also has a safe and a laundry bag and list ( this is chargeable).


The bathroom boasted a spacious area segmented into three areas: a large rainfall shower, the sink with a sizable mirror and excellent lighting, and the toilet.

Kay taking a picture of the bathroom

I was especially fond of the window from the shower into the bedroom, which let natural light stream in. For those who prefer more privacy, a privacy screen could be used to close it off.

The Rixos provided a rejuvenating retreat, complete with luxurious toiletries. Guests could find everything they needed, including earbuds, cotton wool pads, nail files, and a shower cap.

A hairdryer and bathroom amenities in a draw
Three bottles of Karl Lagerfeld body wash, Shampoo and conditioner

A hairdryer was thoughtfully supplied in the bathroom drawer, yet there was no nearby outlet to use it. I plugged it into the socket near the full-length mirror by the wardrobe, but the cord fell short, making it impossible to use while standing.

I used one of the large chairs from the bedroom which only just fit and blocked that section for my husband to get through. The room would benefit greatly from a dressing table equipped with a mirror.

Mini Bar

On our arrival, the minibar was empty, so we had to ask for them to stock it up. As already mentioned, we did arrive early, so this may have been why.

Rixos hotel Minibar filled with cokes, sprite, orange juice and apple juice

The minibar contains soft drinks, water, teas.

Espresso coffee machine with two cups and coffee, bottles of water supplied in the hotel room at the rixos Doha

There is also a fantastic expresso machine that Luke enjoyed, you can ask for unlimited fills up. Take note there is no alcohol in the mini bar and if you order on room service it will be charged.


The balcony in the deluxe room overlooks the beautiful skyline of West Bay, Doha.

The pool areas and outdoor seating area for the farm house restaurant all lit up at night
Sea view with west bay sky line in the distance from the balcony in the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

Room Service

Room service at the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha is available 24/7, it’s important to note that this comes at an additional charge. The menu offers everything from light snacks and salads to hearty meals and desserts, ensuring that there’s something for every time of day or night.


Housekeeping maintained our room impeccably throughout our stay, including a turn-down service. Reflecting the hotel’s high standards of cleanliness and care.


The Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha has outdoor swimming pools suitable for all ages. Guests have access to two main swimming pools that cater to leisurely dips to cool down from the heat. In addition to these pools, there’s a cosy jacuzzi pool, perfect for relaxing after a long day of sightseeing.

Infinity Pool

The infinity pool, in particular, was one of our favourite features of this hotel, with its stunning views and relaxing ambience during the day.

People inside the infinity pool soaking up the sun

The pool was split in two, with one side more for kids and the other for relaxing. We particularly liked the in-water hammock beds; they were perfect for keeping cool while sunbathing.

The infinity pool with net hammocks inside the pool to sunbathe

The availability of numerous loungers was appreciated, and the convenience of self-service towels—a notable improvement over the towel card system commonly used in most hotels—was a delightful aspect.

Sunset at the infinity pool at the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

Courtyard Pool

The courtyard pool was closed for maintenance during our stay, we were informed about this shortly after our booking. Fortunately, this didn’t pose an issue for us as the hotel’s infinity pool provided ample space and an enjoyable experience for all guests.

The courtyard pool which was having maintenance

We shared a laugh over the sight of three lifeguards overseeing an empty pool undergoing renovation. It must have been a long tedious day for them, observing the workers.

Luke from Flawless journeys laying on a large swinging sun lounger at the Rixos Doha

They also have some relaxing swing chairs near the courtyard pool.

Jacuzzi Pool

This was located next to the courtyard pool, which was being worked on, so it was not being used much.

Jacuzzi pool at Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha in Qatar

Rixy Splash

The Rixy Splash Park at Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha is a paradise for kids and a testament to the hotel’s family-friendly ethos. This vibrant, colourful area has various water features, including playful sprinklers and water jets, which provide endless entertainment and allow kids to cool off in the heat.

Rixy splash for kids at the Rixos hotel Doha in Qatar

The thoughtful inclusion of ample shade allows parents to relax, knowing their children are having fun in a comfortable and protected environment.

Can I wear a bikini at the Rixos Gulf Hotel?

This was a question I had before arriving, and I can confirm you can wear bikinis. I even wore a thong bikini with no issues.

Kay sitting on the side on the infinity pool sunbathing


They have some beautiful shaded cabanas you can hire out through the resort next to both pools.

Kay chilling in the shade in a cabanas on a sofa holding a glass of wine at the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

The resort also boasts luxurious private garden cabanas for guests to enjoy for a full day. Take a break from the hot weather and unwind in the cool air-conditioned space, complete with a fully stocked minibar and tv. While you relax, your children can have a blast playing in the designated kid’s zone.

Both the pool cabanas and garden cabanas can also be booked as a place for a romantic meal.

Outdoor seating area at the rixos hotel Qatar


The private beach access is a highlight. It offers a tranquil escape with soft sands and crystal-clear waters, making it the perfect spot for sunbathing in the Gulf.

The beach and marina and helicopter in the sky

There were plenty of loungers and sun umbrellas available on the beach.

Luke walking into the water at the beach
Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha and sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach in front of the hotel

Daytime Entertainment

The Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha shines in daytime entertainment, ensuring guests are always engaged with a variety of activities. During our stay we witnessed exciting performances by skilled jugglers and yoga/ fitness / aquafit classes, all designed to enhance your stay.

A fitness instructor doing water aerobics with the guests in the infinity pool

One afternoon, they featured a live DJ at the infinity pool. This was a bit loud for us during the day whilst we wanted to relax, we would have preferred it in the evening, which was lacking some entertainment!

A DJ playing music around the Infinity pool in the Rixos Hotel in Doha

Rixy Kids Club

There were many engaging activities at Rixy Kids Club and you could tell all the kids were enjoying their stay with so many activities for children to choose from!

The climbing wall, splash park, cooking lessons, kids shows and arts and crafts.

Rixy kids club at the Rixos hotel Qatar
Climbing wall for the kids at the rixy splash

Evening Entertainment

As evening arrived, the hotel’s excellent daytime entertainment seemed to come to an abrupt halt. Perhaps it was just our luck during our brief visit, but there were no live music performances, singing, or shows to be found. Maybe it had something to do with the maintenance work that was going on.

As mentioned earlier, I think the DJ should have come for the evening rather than during the afternoon while we were trying to relax.


The dining places at Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha were nothing short of spectacular to look at. The speciality restaurants Akte Pier 51, Mr Tailor Steak House, and Rasa offer exquisite menus in a more intimate setting.

However, you will need to wait until the second night for these experiences, and the menu is limited to a small selection. You can only visit each one once as part of your All-Inclusive package.

Farmhouse Main Buffet Restaurant

The Farmhouse Main Buffet Restaurant served an array of international cuisines from breakfast to dinner, pleasing our palates. Here are some pictures of what was available during our visit.


The breakfast offered at the Farmhouse Main Buffet Restaurant truly set a high standard for the rest of the day. It was an international spread with a vast array of options, catering to all tastes and preferences. From freshly baked pastries and bread to healthy fruit salads, cereals, and live cooking stations for omelettes, waffles and pancakes, everything was prepared with the utmost care.

Collage of pictures of the farmhouse restaurant Breakfast

The variety and quality of the food were impressive, ensuring that each morning started on a delightful note. The ingredients used were fresh, and the dishes delicious, much to our satisfaction.


Lunch at the Farmhouse Main Buffet Restaurant offered a diverse selection that catered to various dietary requirements, including vegetarian options. We enjoyed the authentic Arabic dishes, fresh seafood, and grilled meats. The dessert section also had an array of sweet treats and a wide selection of fruits to satisfy our cravings.

Collage of pictures of the farmhouse restaurant Lunch


We felt like the dinner in the Farmhouse was a bit of a letdown. In fact, the lunches were better than the dinner! Some of the dishes were lukewarm, and the meat was overcooked and tough. There were not as many fruit and dessert selections at dinnertime; in fact, I think they were just what was left from lunch.

Collage of pictures of the farmhouse restaurant Dinner


The farmhouse restaurant stands out for its wide range of drinks. Each day starts with the scent of fresh coffee, expertly prepared by skilled baristas. Whether you fancy a cappuccino or a velvety latte, your morning begins beautifully.

Kay holding a latte in the farmhouse restaurant
Cappuccino and a croissant

For lunch and dinner we enjoyed glasses of chilled white wine to complement our meal.

Kay from Flawless journeys holding a glass of white wine in the farmhouse restaurant Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha
Luke holding a glass of white wine in the farmhouse restaurant

Zoh Food Truck

During the day, you can order snacks from the food truck situated beside the infinity pool and beach. They offer American-style food, chips, burgers, and pizzas.

The food truck next to the infinity pool at the Rixos Hotel Doha

Crust Bakery

This lobby bakery serves hot and soft drinks. It also has delicious snacks, but these are chargeable (not all-inclusive).

The crust bakery with fresh breads and cakes on the counters
Cakes at the crust bakery Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

Afternoon Tea

The Crust bakery also offers an afternoon tea menu, as seen below.

Afternoon tea at the crust in the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

Mr Tailor Restaurant – Steak House -Dinner

Mr Tailor, the steakhouse restaurant at Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha, was unforgettable in every sense. The restaurant’s interior boasted a chic and sophisticated decor that immediately set the mood for a luxurious dining experience. From the moment we entered, the gorgeous lighting and tastefully chosen furnishings made it clear that this was not just a meal, but an experience to savour.

Seating area area in the Mr Taylors Steakhouse in the Rixos Hotel Doha

However, it’s worth noting that reservations at Mr Tailor can only be made from the second day of your stay. This requires a bit of planning, especially for those eager to experience the best of the hotel during a short stay.

While the menu presents a tempting array of dishes, not all are covered under the All-Inclusive package. We recommend checking with the staff about what’s included before making your selections to avoid any surprises.

Mr Tailor Menu

Rasa – Indian- Dinner

The Rasa restaurant, which focuses on Indian cuisine, offers a delightful escape to India’s flavourful dishes. The ambience of the restaurant perfectly complements the spice-laden, flavorful dishes that India is famous for.

The kitchen staff in the Rasa restaurant prepping food in the Rixos Hotel Doha
Seating area in the Rasa restaurant

Just like at Mr Tailor, it’s essential to check which menu items are covered by the All-Inclusive package. We felt that the all-inclusive selection was a little limited.

Rasa Menu

Akte Pier 51 Restaurant – Dinner

We did not even know about this restaurant and bar until the day we were leaving! It is located on the pier, a walk down the marina from the hotel, but, you guessed it, it is not part of the all-inclusive package! It looks amazing, though. I would have tried it if I had known about it, especially in the evening.

Akte Pier Menu


Several bars were located across the Rixos Doha Resort. They all offered all-inclusive drinks, including soft drinks, tea, and coffee. Alcohol was also included: white wine, red wine, rose wine, sparkling wine, beers, and local brand spirits. A few cocktails were also included. The Rasa, Mr Tailor, and Akte Pier 51 restaurants have the drinks menu included on their menus above.

Every bar had a QR code to scan for the menu, which included a separate drinks menu for all-inclusive. However, when I went to the pool bar and asked for the Tiger beer, he said it was unavailable but that I could have the San Miguel or Peroni on all-inclusive even though that was not listed as part of the AI. The same with cocktails: there were only three on the menu, but he said I could have anything I wanted on the normal menu, too.

Luke seating in the Mr Taylors steakhouse bar

So, I would suggest checking with staff, as things you think are not included might be! We found the evening bar options to be somewhat limited. Despite the quality of stylish drinks available, they were still served in plastic glasses in the evening whilst sat outside.

I feel that more outside seating options at the upscale bars would have enhanced the overall evening experience.

Zoh Pool Bar

Though small in size, the Zoh Pool Bar impressively kept up with the brisk pace of orders, ensuring guests never had to wait too long for their drinks.

The Zoh bar with seating and tables at the front

This seamless service was made possible by the friendly and attentive waiters and waitresses who went above and beyond, bringing drinks directly to guests, whether they were lounging by the pool or taking a break in the shade.

A waiter holding drinks on a tray
Luke from Flawless journeys holding drinks which he got from the Zoh bar

Their warm smiles and quick service made the poolside experience all the more enjoyable, emphasizing that good things indeed come in small packages.

Courtyard Pool Bar

This bar was situated next to the courtyard pool (which was closed for maintenance). It was open all day but sadly only served drinks in plastic glasses (this is one of my pet peeves!). I can understand during the day (near the pool), but I don’t like drinking white wine in the evening out of plastic cups.

The pool bar at the Rixos hotel Doha
The courtyard pool bar at the Rixos hotel Doha

Mr Tailor Bar

This was our favourite bar, adorned with stunning decor. However, confusion arose regarding the inclusivity of drinks. Initially, the receptionist informed us that our plan didn’t cover drinks if we were not eating in Mr Tailor Restaurant, yet the door attendant assured us it did.

Kay holding a glass of wine
Luke in the cigar lounge in Mr Taylors steakhouse

Following a drink, a waiter instructed us to sign the receipt for 90 QAR, to which I protested, mentioning the attendant’s assurance of an all-inclusive service. He insisted on the signature regardless and said it is included but I had to sign. Fortunately, upon checkout, we weren’t charged, but the inconsistency left us perplexed at the time.

Rasa Bar

We did not try this one after what happened in Mr Tailor. We assume it will be a similar set-up and were worried about getting billed for drinks when happy to have the all-inclusive drinks. But this may not have been the case after all.

Luke standing next to a big pink elephant in the Rasa restaurant


The Anjana Spa was one of the biggest and most tranquil spas I have visited. It’s soothing massages and traditional Hammam offer a blissful retreat.

Anjana spa front desk at the Rixos Hotel in Qatar
Seating area and a table showing products in the Anjana spa

They had single-sex steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzi. Which was a shame as we like to share those moments together.

Jacuzzi at the Anjana spa
Sauna in the Anjana spa

They did have a couples therapy room and a couples hammam room, though, so you could share treatments. The prices were expensive, as are most hotel spas, but it was a lovely setting and worth the expense.

Couples massage room in the Anjana spa
Couples massage room Anjana spa in the Rixos hotel Qatar

Spa Price List

Here are the prices of the spa treatments.

Anjana spa price list for treatments
Anjana spa price list for treatments


The gym is equipped with the latest fitness technology, ensuring your gym routine remains uninterrupted.

Gym equipment in the,gym at the Rixos hotel Doha
Running machines in the, gym at the Rixos hotel Doha

I liked the room dedicated to stretching/ yoga with a mirror. There was also a separate ladies’ gym area away from the main gym.

Dumbbells in the gym
Yoga hall in in the gym at the Rixos hotel Doha

Staff and Service

The hotel staff always goes above and beyond to ensure our comfort and satisfaction. Their warmth and attentiveness made our stay even more memorable.

However, the waiters, bar staff, and receptionists gave us some mixed messages about the all-inclusive options, which left us confused.

Kay from flawless journeys looking stunning
Luke standing in a lift with a suit case


Our stay at the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha was a blend of luxury, relaxation, and cultural immersion. While there were areas that could be enhanced, particularly regarding the all-inclusive package clarity and evening entertainment for adults, the overall experience was delightful.

Luke standing in the infinity pool with the Rixos Gulf Hotel behind him in the background

The hotel’s commitment to providing a family-friendly resort, coupled with its array of stunning facilities and dining options, makes it a commendable choice for luxury travellers to Doha.

Luke and Kay from Flawless journeys standing in the infinity pool in the Rixos Gulf hotel in Doha

The biggest letdown for us was the confusion about what’s included in the all-inclusive package. It seems that most things are included in the package, apart from at the Rasa and Mr Tailor restaurants and bars, where you have to check what you can eat and drink.

Rixos Gulf Hotel beach and the marina in Qatar

We have stayed at many all-inclusive hotels, and we have never been so confused about what is and isn’t included!
For those plotting their next getaway to Doha, the Rixos Gulf Hotel offers an opulent stay with the promise of unforgettable memories.

The Rixos hotel building all lit up at night and the west bay sky line all lit up

Whether you’re soaking up the sun by the infinity pool, indulging in culinary delights, or exploring the local attractions, this hotel serves as a fantastic base for your Qatari adventure.

Places to visit in Doha, Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar is situated very close by. You can visibly spot it across the water. If you want to visit, it is best to get an Uber or taxi there.

National museum of Qatar

After exploring Doha, we’re creating detailed guides to enhance your visit to this vibrant city. Check out our guide to The Pearl, Doha’s top luxury destination.

Kay sitting at the Porto Arabia sign The Pearl Qatar Doha

This man-made island blends residential, leisure, and retail experiences. Our guide gives you a glimpse of the best it has to offer. More guides coming soon!

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