Turtle Bay Chelmsford Review

If you enjoy Caribbean music, lifestyle, and the aromatics of their spice-infused food, you’ll be drawn to Turtle Bay Chelmsford. We have visited this Caribbean restaurant in Chelmsford and other areas many times, but this time, we decided to write a review.

Luke and Kat from Flawless journeys at Turtle Bay Chelmsford

The quieter lunchtime scene we encountered on our March 2024 visit contrasts the usual evening vibrancy we have experienced, allowing us to soak in every detail of this tropical haven and enjoy all the flavour on offer.


The Turtle Bay Caribbean franchise burst onto the UK dining scene in 2010, bringing vibrant Caribbean flavours and a passion for jerk spices, soulful sunshine cuisine, and cocktails. With a presence in over 40 locations across key towns and cities in the UK, Turtle Bay has become a beloved culinary destination.

Front entrance of Turtle Bay Restaurant in Chelmsford

Turtle Bay Chelmsford, Essex, is conveniently located next to the High Chelmer Shopping Centre in Chelmsford City.


A beach shack-style front with a modern twist welcomes diners. It’s like a bit of the Caribbean mixed with some Essex charm. Too bad we didn’t have sunny weather during our visit in March 2024.

Luke from Flawless Journeys standing outside the Front entrance of Turtle Bay Restaurant in Chelmsford

Outdoor Seating

For those craving fresh air with their fare, Turtle Bay Chelmsford offers outdoor alfresco dining.

Front entrance of Turtle Bay Chelmsford which is nicely decorated with lighting and Jamaican flags


Upon entering, you are greeted by a vibrant array of colours and a beach-inspired bar that whisks you away to sandy shores. A mixture of wood and metal gives it a rustic feel, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long shopping day.

The bar and bar staff serving drinks at the bar in Turtle Bay Chelmsford

The lighting gives a sunny glow, and the ceiling fans evoke a sense of a refreshing beach breeze.


A mix of drinks at the bar sets the scene for a delightful escape – a great start to any meal with classics or just come to enjoy the ultimate bottomless brunch, the perfect way to kick off all types of celebrations.

The main bar in Turtle Bay Chelmsford

There are wall art references to many brands, such as Red Stripe, Carib, and Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum.

Other links to the Caribbean include a wall full of retro speakers, themed posters, flags, bunting and graffiti art walls and panels. The restaurant has a deliberate, lived-in, aged, and weathered feel that adds to the charm.

Open Kitchen

The sizzle and scent wafting from the open kitchen promise a feast that’s equally mesmerizing to watch as it is to eat.

Open kitchen with chefs cooking Caribbean food at Turtle Bay Chelmsford

Indoor Seating

You get a choice of bar stool seating or table and the unique mismatched chairs. During our daytime visit, we had plenty of spots to choose from.

Seating area Turtle Bay Chelmsford with paintings on the wall of palm trees

The cosy tables invites intimate conversations, ensuring you’ll want to linger longer over that second helping of Caribbean bliss.

Luke from flawless journeys sitting at the table reading a menu at the Turtle Bay Restaurant in Chelmsford


Even a trip to the toilets doesn’t detract from the experience, which still has a rustic feel and painted wall art throughout the Ladies and postered ceilings and walls in the Gents.

Sinks in the toilets at Turtle Bay Chelmsford
Toilets at Turtle Bay Chelmsford

Food Menu

The options range from fresh seafood to classic meats, and of course, there are vegetarian and vegan options. The menu is a map to a culinary treasure trove, boasting dishes ranging from jerk chicken to vibrant salads, each a testament to the diversity of Caribbean cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a hearty dinner, there’s something for everyone at Turtle Bay. Check out the updated menu on their site

Mixed sharing platter consisting of Jerk pit Wings, crispy chilli squid, Trini doubles and Cheesy jerk fries, Curry goat with rice and Pea and three crispy dumplings on the side at Turtle Bay Chelmsford

Drinks Menu

It’s not just about the food, though; Turtle Bay’s drink menu is also impressive!

You can almost taste the delectable cocktails shaken up behind the bar. Made and served with a smile, they are the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Don’t miss out on happy hour, where you can get 2-4-1 on cocktails.

The 2-4-1 cocktails are served everyday from 12.00 pm until 6.30 pm and reopen again at 9.00pm to closing.

Bottomless Brunch

The touted bottomless brunch at Turtle Bay Chelmsford is an invitation too tempting to decline, your choice of burger or wrap from the brunch menu, served with unlimited cocktails, prosecco, draft beers and mocktails.

Large dining area with lots of tables and chairs Turtle Bay Chelmsford

Bottomless Brunch at Turtle Bay Chelmsford is bookable Sunday to Friday between 12.00 pm and 4.00 pm. You will get unlimited drinks for 2 hours. Make sure you book though it does get busy!

Our Food Review

Let us tell you more about the food we ordered.

Curry Goat

We opted for the curry goat, a real tribute to the islands. It was cooked beautifully with tender, boneless goat and a burst of scotch bonnet flavour served with rice and peas.

Curry goat served with rice and pea at Turtle Bay Chelmsford

Though tasty, the curry goat wasn’t as spicy and flavoursome as we’ve had in the Caribbean, but it was still lovely!

Beach Board Platter

The beach board mixed sharing platter was a great choice to share.

Jerk pit Wings, crispy chilli squid, Trini doubles and Cheesy jerk fries sharing starters at Turtle Bay Chelmsford

It featured delicious Jerk Pit Wings cooked to perfection. Trini Doubles – roti topped with curried chickpeas,

Jerk wings Turtle Bay Chelmsford
Trini Doubles Turtle Bay Chelmsford

Crispy Chili Squid with mango and mayo and gloriously Cheesy Jerk Fries. We also got some dumplings to dip into our goat curry sauce.

Cheesy Jerk Fries starters Turtle Bay Chelmsford


Izzy, our waitress, was friendly and knowledgeable, contributing significantly to our positive experience. Her attentiveness and warmth were comparable to the Caribbean sun itself.

Map & Address

Turtle Bay Chelmsford is located just outside of the High Chelmer shopping centre.

22-24 Exchange Way,


There is no dedicated parking for the restaurant. We usually park in Bond Street Car Park or Waterloo Lane Car Park, which is a short walk away.


Booking in advance is highly recommended, especially during weekends and evenings when Turtle Bay Chelmsford becomes a bustling hub of activity. This is particularly important for those planning to experience the much-loved bottomless brunch or special dinner gatherings.

People sitting at a table near the kitchen inside the Turtle Bay Restaurant in Chelmsford

Turtle Bay Dress Code

Feel free to wear what makes you happiest – your favourite summer dress or comfortable jeans. Turtle Bay is all about ease and comfort.

More Things To Do in Chelmsford

If you’re looking for more things to do in Chelmsford after a satisfying meal at Turtle Bay, the city has much more to offer.

Boom Battle Bar

A visit to Boom Battle Bar promises an exciting mix of entertainment and activities, ranging from axe throwing to augmented reality darts, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping experience for all. We have been many times now and will write about it soon.

Everyman Cinema

If you’re looking for a morerelaxed evening, the Everyman Cinema in Chelmsford is the perfect venue.

Luke from Flawless journeys sitting on the sofa at Everyman Chelmsford Cinema

Unlike your standard movie theatre, Everyman Cinema offers a unique experience with its cosy seating and quality food and drinks served right to your seat, making movie night a lavish affair. For those intrigued by a cinematic experience like no other, you can read more about Everyman Cinema Chelmsford here.

Places to Stay in Chelmsford

For those extending their visit to Chelmsford and needing accommodation, here are a few handpicked options to suit various tastes and budgets. County Hotel suits most budgets with good reviews and is fairly central to the city.

Or if your looking for somewhere with character, head a couple of miles away to the beautiful Tudor House, Channels Hotel.

Kay from Flawless journeys holding a glass of white wine at the Turtle Bay Restaurant Chelmsford

Our lunch at Turtle Bay Chelmsford was a sunny escape amidst an ordinary day. Whether you choose the midday tranquillity or the evening electricity, your encounter with Caribbean food here will definitely not be your last.

Until our next flawless adventure, keep the flavourful memories tantalizing your taste buds!

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