Giggling Squid Wokingham Review

Giggling Squid Wokingham is a restaurant that specialises in Thai cuisine. The restaurant is located in the heart of Wokingham, Berkshire and offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Giggling Squid Wokingham Thai Restaurant main entrance which is a glass door with tables and chairs to the left hand side of the restaurant for outdoor dining

The menu features a wide variety of authentic Thai dishes. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely evening meal, Giggling Squid Wokingham is the perfect place to experience the best of Thai food.

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Giggling Squid Wokingham Review Video

Finding a good quirky Thai restaurant with big flavours is like finding a hidden gem – and that’s what makes dining out all the more enjoyable. Check out our video from our visit.


The Giggling Squid Wokingham address: 3 Denmark St, Wokingham, RG20 2LD

Tel: 0118 979 0344



There’s something about this Wokingham restaurant that makes dining out more fun.

Inside the giggling squid restaurant with tables and chairs in a wooden beamed building

Its stands out with its bold and vibrant interior, florals and colour, and beautiful rustic wooden features.


We ate inside as it was too cold, but when it comes to al fresco dining, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a light lunchtime tapas in the sun or a long, lazy summer evening with a hearty bowl of slow-cooked pork cheek.

The front entrance of the Giggling squid in Wokingham with outside dining tables, chairs and umbrellas

Giggling Squid Lunch Menu

We visited the Giggling Squid Wokingham at lunchtime before going to the Everyman Cinema (read more). The lunch menu is available every day from 12 pm to 5 pm and offers a lot of food, for a very reasonable price.


We started with Thai prawn crackers served with a homemade sweet chilli sauce.

Thai prawn crackers in a silver bucket with homemade sweet chilli sauce in a black pot

I also ordered the salt pepper squid. Which is fresh squid with a crispy coating and a little chilli, served with a delicately sweet sauce; we asked for this to be served with our main course.

Fresh squid with a crispy coating and a chilli sweet sauce from the Giggling Squid Wokingham

Then we went on to have two generous tapas sets as part of the lunch menu, each containing delicious Thai flavours blended into 4 small portions of the following.

Royal Squid

I (Kay) had the Royal Squid Tapas consisting of

Kay at the table at the giggling squid about to eat lamb massaman curry with her fork

Lamb Massaman Curry

A legendary flavour of lamb cooked to tender perfection in a coconut milk sauce. I love Massaman Curry, and this didn’t disappoint. I have made my own version of beef massaman recipe in the pressure cooker and sticky jasmine rice, if you wanted to recreate it.

Shredded Duck Spring Rolls

A medley of carrots, celery, spring onion and duck wrapped in Thai pastry. These crispy spring rolls were amazing dipped in plum sauce!

Royal squid lunch tapas with Crispy spring rolls with duck and plum sauce, samui zingy prawns with spicy sauce and spring onions, lamb massaman curry and jasmine rice served on a pale green plate

Samui Zingy Prawns

Prawns with a spicy sauce and spring onions served on top of lettuce. The prawns were large and cooked perfectly.

Feasting Squid

Meanwhile, Luke had the Feasting Squid tapas set at the Giggling Squid Wokingham, consisting of

Luke sitting at the table at the Giggling Squid Wokingham with loads of food served on the table which is Fresh squid with a crispy coating and a chilli sweet sauce, chicken satay served with peanut sauce, chicken green curry jasmine rice and a mixed vegetable stir fry, Crispy spring rolls with duck and plum sauce, samui zingy prawns with spicy sauce and spring onions, lamb massaman curry and jasmine rice and a glass of wine

Chicken Green Curry

A popular Thai street dish, with a delightful mixture of spices and flavours swirled with silky smooth coconut milk and bite-sized chicken chunks, served with jasmine rice. We have created our own Thai green beef curry on Flawless Food if you wanted to recreate it.

Chicken Satay

Chicken pieces on skewers with a chargrilled texture served with peanut sauce. This one is a family favourite of ours!

Feasting squid tapas set with chicken satay served with peanut sauce, chicken green curry jasmine rice and a mixed vegetable stir fry at the Giggling Squid Wokingham Thai Restaurant

Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry

A medley of shredded vegetables, sweetheart cabbage, baby corn, beansprouts and carrots with a savoury oyster sauce. This was the least flavourful dish out of them all, could have done with a bit of spice! But we still ate it all, so couldn’t have been that bad!

Overall the meal was very enjoyable. We would recommend the Royal Squid and Feasting Squid Tapas Dishes. The Royal Squid was the better of the two.


Afters are available; the melting heart chocolate dessert with vanilla ice cream looked amazing. But we had no room left!

Our Review

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, with delicious ingredients, be sure to check out the Giggling Squid Wokingham, you won’t be disappointed.

Inside eating area of the Giggling Squid Wokingham Thai Restaurant which is decorated with flowers on the walls and ceiling and old style brick flooring

This was our first visit to the Giggling Squid Wokingham. The food was delicious, and the wine selection is excellent.

We look forward to returning and trying new flavours, such as the Thai spiced chicken in red curry sauce and the Phuket mussels in a curry sauce with finely sliced lime leaves and sweet basil.

I have also spotted on the Giggling Squid main menu, the Hawker-Style Moo Ping, garlic and coriander marinated pork skewers with a spicy tamarind sauce and the sticky Chicken Wings on the starter menu.


The helpful staff at the Giggling squid Wokingham are attentive and friendly, and the atmosphere is pleasant, relaxed and quiet. The portion sizes were generous, and the environment is lovely. I highly recommend going if you want a great dining experience.


Parking near Giggling Squid Wokingham?

They don’t have their own parking, but a paid car park is just a 2-minute walk from the Giggling Squid Wokingham, in Denmark Street Car Park.

Do Giggling Squid Wokingham offer takeaway?

Yes, if you live local, you can get your favourite dishes delivered straight to your door from 12pm to late!

Is Giggling Squid kid friendly?

Yes, Giggling Squid is a great place for the whole family. They offer a kid’s menu where they can choose two Thai tapas dishes, including a free bowl of sticky or jasmine rice.

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