Heritance Tea Factory Hotel in Nuwara Eliya Review

Nestled between tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel beautifully stands 2000 metres above sea level. Its colonial heritage and five-star luxury make this grand hotel one of the highlights of our honeymoon.

A external picture of the Heritance Hotel Tea Factory in Nuwara Eliya with a golf putting green in front of the hotel

We can see why this is voted as one of the best Nuwara Eliya hotels. We enjoyed a one-night stay in this luxury hotel during our three week adventures in Sri Lanka, in September 2023.

Luke and Kay from Flawless journeys standing in the garden areas of the Heritance Hotel Tea Factory Sri Lanka

After the many things to do in Ella and our train journey from Ella to Nanu Oya, we took a ‘very wet and cold’ boat ride in Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya city centre (Sri Lanka’s ‘Little England’).

Luke and Kay sitting in the TCK 6685 Train carriage doorway

So you can imagine our longing for some comfort, rest and relaxation to see everything this luxury hotel offered.


The Heritance Tea Factory Hotel is located in the hills of Nuwara Eliya. As we ascended into the hills, the fog surrounded us, adding an air of mystery to our journey.

Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

It felt like we were leaving the world below us and welcomed into the colonial era, where the historical charm and time seemed to stand still.



Heritance Tea Factory
Tea Factory Rd
Kandapola 22220
Sri Lanka


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The Heritance Tea Factory Hotel takes a while to get to, but this tea factory, transformed into one of the most luxury hotels, is in an exceptional location in the hill country.

Heritance Hotel Welcome

The Heritance Hotel’s warm welcome was a comforting embrace against the chill of the highlands.

Hotel staff greeting Luke with dabbing herb paste on his forehead at inside the Heritance hotel
Hotel staff greeting Luke with Spices and tea inside the Heritance hotel Sri Lanka

A herb paste was carefully thumbed onto the centre of our heads, followed by a request to open our palms.

Luke and Kay with herbal paste on our foreheads at Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

Sugar, cardamom pods, cumin, and fennel seeds were placed into our hands. We were instructed to put it in our mouths and savour the blend with a cup of tea.

Hotel staff dressed in colonial uniform giving Luke a cup of tea to greeting him to Heritance hotel Sri Lanka

It seemed peculiar, yet evidently a customary practice. Personally, I didn’t mind the experience, but Luke discreetly spat it out when unobserved!

Kays hand holding a cup of tea


Mixing colonial-era machinery with modern comfort makes the lobby a treasure trove of historical tales from a bygone era.

Heritance Hotel reception desk in the lobby area

The shift from an old tea factory to one of the best hotels in Nuwara Eliya is quite impressive; they have pulled it off effortlessly.

Luke looking at an old history picture of tea plantation workers in the lobby are of the Heritance Hotel

The history is well documented throughout the hotel, and you’ll want to explore at your own pace.

National Generator

One of the most impressive displays of history in the Heritance Hotel, is that of the National Generator.

A sign of information about the National Generator

Ensure you’re in the hotel lobby/basement area between 19:15 to 19:45 to observe the operational old national generator. It’s remarkable how they maintain this historical artefact for everyone to witness.

Heritance Tea Factory Hotel National Generator
The maintenance man standing next the Heritance Hotel National Generator

Plenty of noticeboards give you the history of this generator, which was originally manufactured in England.


The lift was an old-fashioned gate-style lift, with all the mechanics visible from the outside. There were stairs too!

Luke standing in a lift at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Sri Lanka


The staff, all dressed in colonial clothing and were very polite at this award-winning hotel.

Each staff member, from the bell boy to the management, appears deeply proud to be part of this nice hotel, which adds to the unique charm.


In the lobby, they have a section where they proudly display their medals and certificates from all the great reviews they have received over the years.

A table with loads of award trophies and a wall of award certificates won by the Heritance Hotel in Sri Lanka


Our superior king room, number 209 was nicely decorated, with sweeping views of the tea estate framed by expansive windows.

Heritance hotel superior king room with flowers on the bed and a heart made from a rolled up towel

The room boasted all the quintessential features of a 5-star hotel – a fridge, a safe and a TV.

A flat screen tv, fridge ,safe, bottled water and glasses in our room at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

A kettle with their factory tea blend, not tea bags but tea leaves for a real cup of ceylon tea in your room! We loved the early morning views whilst sitting in the window chairs with tea.

Kettle, tea pot two cups and saucers, tea and milk supplied in the room at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Nuwara Eliya
Luke sitting in a chair looking out of the room window at the tea plantations at the Heritance Hotel Sri Lanka

Room Service is available, but we did not use it.

Bathroom area of our superior king room at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Sri Lanka

The clean rooms had ample storage, a bath and a shower with toiletries included.

There are superior rooms or family rooms options. They are quite old-fashioned, but that is the beauty of this colonial-style grand hotel.

Mountain views from our room at the Heritance Hotel


The free wifi worked well in the room and throughout the hotel, allowing us to keep up to date with our work whilst we were away!

Goatfell Tea Bar

The Goatfell Tea Bar offers a unique experience, a bar based on the rich tea heritage.

Goatfell Tea Bar section in the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Nuwara Eliya

Guests can delight in the diverse flavours of different teas.

Selection of teas you can have inside the Goatfell tea bar at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel


You can also purchase tea, jams, and other goodies to take home.

Fresh teas, shirts, pictures and homemade jams at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Tea Shop

Bar – Hethersett Bar

We visited the bar for some tasty food and drinks before dinner. The windows wrapped all the way around the bar, filling the room with stunning daylight and giving us beautiful views.

Luke sitting in the seating area at the Hethersett bar in the Heritance Hotel
Luke sitting in the seating area at the Hethersett bar looking at the views out the window in the Heritance Hotel

It was empty during the day, quiet and relaxed. But got busier in the evening.

Hotel staff dressed in old colonial style uniform pouring white wine into glasses at the Hethersett bar in the Heritance Hotel

They had a great selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages available to enjoy.

We settled for a bottle of white wine, which they kindly kept the leftovers chilled for us to enjoy with our dinner later that evening.

Luke and Kay from flawless journeys holding glasses of white wine in the hethersett bar in the Heritance Hotel Sri Lanka
Spring rolls from the snack bar menu in the Heritance Hotel Hethersett Bar

We also enjoyed some spring rolls to snack on.


A winding staircase from the bar takes you up to the Library.

Kay walking down the library stairs at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

There are books you can borrow, more history about the Hethersett area, and beautiful views across the tea plantations.

Heritance Hotel Hethersett Parish Map
Seating the the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Library

Restaurant Kenmare

The on-site restaurant Kenmare was where we enjoyed our evening meal and a good breakfast.

Kenmare restaurant breakfast buffet Heritance Hotel Nuwara Eliya

The restaurant is large and beautifully designed using industrial parts from the tea factory.

Be aware that men must wear trousers when dining at the restaurant. They have sarongs that can be borrowed if you do not have any trousers.

Chefs at the breakfast buffet section in the Kenmare restaurant in the Heritance Hotel Nuwara Eliya


The candlelit buffet dinner was such an enjoyable evening.

Luke and Kay holding a beer and glass of white wine Heritance Hotel Kenmare Restaurant having a Candlelit Dinner

With fabulous food choices from Head Chef Shanmu.

Luke standing with the head chef Shanmu Heritance Hotel Kenmare Restaurant

The diverse selection had something for everyone’s taste buds, making it a night where flavour was just as important as style.

A selection of pictures of Dinner at the heritance hotel like chicken curry, potato curry, cabbage, dhal curry rice, salad cakes and fruit

The Head Waiter, Nuwan, had a lovely manner; his passionate service was much appreciated. A pianist serenaded the guests with beautiful tunes during dinner, adding elegance to the evening.

Heritance Hotel Kenmare Restaurant Pianist playing music for the evening meal


We also enjoyed the great breakfast, once again a fantastic spread, was available buffet style, from the very talented chef.

A selection of pictures of Breakfast at the heritance hotel like bacon, sausages, curry ,breads , fruit and cakes
Luke getting breakfast at the buffet section in the Kenmare restaurant at the Heritance Hotel

TCK 6685 Restaurant

Now, if you are celebrating a special occasion and want an exquisite meal to impress your loved one, you need to book this restaurant!

Luke standing with a staff member at the entrance to the TCK 6685 train carriage Restaurant at the Heritance Hotel Sri Lanka

TCK 6685 promises a unique dining experience steeped in novelty and nostalgia.

Heritance Hotel and TCK 6685 Restaurant in a Train Carriage

Although we missed the unique dining experience aboard the train carriage just outside the hotel’s main restaurant.

Luke and Kay from Flawless journeys sitting at a table in the TCK 6685 train carriage Restaurant in the Heritance Hotel Sri Lanka

We had the chance to look inside and snap photos of the 7-course menu, offering various options for each course! The train carriage gently sways and rocks, creating an authentic train experience.

Heritance Hotel TCK 6685 Restaurant menu
Heritance Hotel TCK 6685 Restaurant menu

We spoke with a couple at the Hertiance Hotel, where they savoured a birthday meal. They relished the dining experience and offered their glowing recommendation.

Luke standing on TCK 6685 train carriage Restaurant at the Heritance Hotel Sri Lanka


The Misty Mountain Spa appeared enchanting.

Entrance to the misty mountain spa at the Heritance hotel Sri Lanka
Misty Mountain Spa menu options at the front entrance area to the spa at the Heritance Hotel

We did not experience the spa services, but the offerings held the allure of an enhanced experience, blending relaxation and rejuvenation seamlessly.

Massage bed in the spa at the Heritance Hotel Nuwara Eliya

They had a few treatment rooms and a couples treatment room.

Jacuzzi bath tub in the spa at the Heritance Hotel Nuwara Eliya

We got a photo of their spa services menu with the prices.

Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Spa Price List


The fitness room, though small, was well-equipped for staying in shape. We didn’t use it during our stay.

The gym in the Heritance Hotel Nuwara Eliya


The hotel is situated on remarkable grounds, boasting stunning gardens that enticed us to explore further.

Heritance organic Tea Factory, putting green and garden areas
Heritance Hotel Tea Factory garden areas surrounded by tea plantations

The grounds have a beautiful British garden feel to them. They even used old radiators to create a seating area.

Outdoor seats made from old radiators in the garden grounds of the Heritance hotel
A pond in the gardens of the Heritance Hotel Tea Factory Sri Lanka

However, our plans were abruptly interrupted as the rain poured down on us, ‘again’, creating an unexpected turn of events: umbrellas were offered!

Kay holding her hands out stating its raining again in Nuwara Eliya and smiling

We were disappointed not to see any wild buffalo or boar after seeing this warning!

A sign stating to beware of wild buffalo after 8 pm at Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Grounds


There are a few activities to get involved in during your stay at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel. Here is a picture of what they had on offer.

Hotel Activities board at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel Sri Lanka

We enjoyed a game of pool. The nature trail sounded good, but the weather was not behaving for us!

Kay sitting at breakfast table drinking a cup of tea looking out the window

Their unique tea experience involved heading to the tea fields for tea picking sounded amazing, and they also had tea tasting. They can help plan a visit to Horton Plains National Park, too.

Tea Factory Tour

During our stay at Heritance Tea Factory, we had the opportunity to explore the onsite tea factory.

Luke walking towards the front entrance of the organic tea factory at the Heritance Hotel Sr Lanka

Here, you can learn about the intricate process of crafting Ceylon tea.

Tea process pictures at the organic tea factory at the heritance hotel Sri lanka

It was interesting to learn how tea makes its way from tea plantations to the cup.

Selections of different teas from the tea plantations at the Heritance Tea Factory

Exploring their processing methods, and understanding how they influence the creation of different tea varieties.

Conclusion Review of Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

In conclusion, the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel is not just a room for the night in a perfect location amongst the tea plantation. But a historical masterpiece, meticulously preserved like a museum.

Kay from Flawless journeys standing in front of a old picture of tea plantations labourers in the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

A fantastic place to stay in Sri Lanka, with attentive staff members and machinery that dates back to the era of the Hethersett Tea Factory. It is easy to see why this colonial hotel is award-winning, a must-stay if you visit Sri Lanka.

Tea plantation views from our room at the Heritance Hotel

Places to visit Nearby

The hotel’s convenient location is close to Nuwara Eliya town; a 30-minute drive got us to the city centre.

Check out our blog post about things to do in Nuwara Eliya!

Take a short walk around Victoria Park to see the beautiful plants, and send a postcard back home from the Nuwara Eliya Post Office. Look around the Central Market and enjoy lunch at another one of the nice hotels in Nuwara Eliya, The Grand Hotel (blog post coming soon).

We then got driven to our next destination, Kandy. (more coming soon!) We used and highly recommend Apple Vacations to arrange our transport and itinerary of places to go.

Along the route, we stopped at The Tea Shop to learn more about the tea-making process and had a lovely massage before arriving at our next hotel, Amaya Hills in Kandy.

Two and a half hours away by car, there are plenty of things to do in Ella, we went there before we came to the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel.

More Hotels in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

This is the only hotel we stayed in, and we would gladly stay there again. But there are plenty of other options, from cheaper hotels or more central, walking distance to Nuwara Eliya city center.

Other Sri Lanka Hotels we Recommend

Explore more hotels in Sri Lanka we recommend, like the peaceful charm of 98 Acres Resort in Ella.

Luke laying on a sun lounger on the room balcony looking over the Little Adams Peak in Ella Sri Lanka

The wild allure of Cinnamon Wild, the perfect place to stay and combine with a Yala safari.

Luke standing looking at views from the Yala Cinnamon Wild Chalet Balcony
Luke sitting in the front of safari jeep driving on the roads in Yala National Park Sri Lanka

Or enjoy the all-inclusiveness of Hotel Riu Sri Lanka, all of which we enjoyed during our adventures in Sri Lanka.

riu Sri Lanka staff dressed in Sri Lankan outfits standing with Kay

We hope you enjoyed our review of the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel, and we will be back with more from our Sri Lankan adventures soon.

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