Sri Lanka Train from Ella (Kandy Ella Train)

You’ve heard the tales, seen the scenic snapshots, and perhaps videos of people hanging out of the doors on the Sri Lanka Train from Ella. The legendary Kandy to Ella train ride or Ella to Kandy is a budget-friendly way to travel the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka.

Luke and Kay from Flawless Journeys standing in an open door way of the Sri Lanka train ride

However, we did not need or want to make the whole train journey from Ella to Kandy train station (6 ½ hours is a long train ride!). But that didn’t mean we wanted to miss out on the breathtaking views from the railway tracks. So we selected the part from Ella train station to Nanu Oya with the most scenic train journey, to experience the sights and feel the thrill of it.

Luke sitting down in the open door way on the Sri Lanka Train from Ella looking at the amazing views of tea plantations

Curiosity and excitement fueled our choice to embark on this most beautiful train ride. We were captivated by the pictures and videos of people leisurely hanging out of the open carriage doors. We yearned to experience swaying out of the carriage doors with the rhythmic melody of steel rails.

Scenic views of tea plantation from the Sri Lankan train ride from Ella

Having already secured a driver for our Sri Lankan tour. We did not need the entire journey via train, so our adventure began at the quaint Ella train station.

The morning train took us two and ¾ hours through the hill country to Nanu Oya Station in Nuwara Eliya. Watching Sri Lankan life go by us from the open door of this famous train ride.

Sri Lanka Railway Network Map

We had first-class tickets, which ensured great views from our reserved seat at the back of the train. We said goodbye to all the things to do in Ella, from the Nine Arch Bridge to Little Adam’s Peak. Not forgetting our amazing stay at 98 Acres Resort. We started our journey to find all the things to do in Nuwara Eliya.

Ella train station platform with a sleeping dog on the platform

Ella Train Station

Ella Train Station is a small picturesque building nestled amidst the hills of Ella in Sri Lanka. From there, we embarked on a journey to Nanu Oya to see the beautiful Sri Lankan countryside from the train tracks.

When we arrived early to collect our tickets, it was quiet, but it soon got busy with tourists and locals whilst we eagerly awaited our Ella train to arrive.

People Queuing up for tickets at the ticket counter at Ella station

There are toilets on the Ella Station platform and seats whilst you await the train.

Luke and Kay from Flawless Journeys on the Ella Train station platform with a sleeping dog also on the platform

How to get Ella Train Tickets

We were overwhelmed by the advice on getting tickets for the train ourselves, the prices on the Sri Lanka Railways website are cheap but the tickets go on sale 30 days before travel. These are sold at the station and brought and resold by agents with a markup.

Aaron from Apple Vacations tour group picking up our 1st class tickets for the Sri Lanka Train from Ella

We let Apple Vacations pre-arrange our tickets for us and highly recommend them; we picked them up at Ella station before we got on the train; it was easy and stress-free!

You must book your tickets in advance if you want a chance of getting on the first-class carriage. Second or third class carriages also get booked up quick.

Observation carriage first class ticket for Ella to Nanu Oya

We did find this Seat61 website full of information about all the different train and carriage types you can get when travelling by train in Sri Lanka. They also have up-to-date Ella train tickets cost and the prices for different classes of reserved and unreserved carriages.

Sri Lanka Train Carriages at the platform at Ella with people on the platform waiting to board

If you want to book a reserved carriage on first or second-class tickets, this is a good starting point for getting the best ticket prices. But start planning at least a month ahead. Or use tour operators for the least stressful experience, but be aware that they buy all the tickets ahead of time and charge you more.

I am told that if you arrive at the station about an hour before the train arrives. You get unreserved tickets from the train station on the day of travel, but you will not be allocated a seat. Second-class unreserved or third-class unreserved will most likely leave you standing, which is fine if it is not too busy but a bit crowded when busy!

Ella platform getting busy with tourists and local waiting for the Sri Lanka Train from Ella

Ella Train Timetable

Ella Station has a train timetable I shared here, but the train times change, so always check. But here is a picture of the information from our visit in September 2023.

Sri Lanka Ella train timetable

The timetable above also shows the Kandy train times if you are going in the opposite direction to get to Ella town!

Here is a poster with the Sri Lanka Railway Line route showing you the Ella train stops along the way.

Sri Lanka Railway Line Map

Our Train Journey – Ella to Nanu Oya

We caught the SPL train number 1008 and sat in the observation carriage (OFV section) at the back of the train. The train arrived in Ella on time at 11:11 am.

Sri Lankan train pulling into the platform at Ella

The scenic train ride from Ella to Nanu Oya took 2 hours and 50 minutes. The time varies depending on the train you catch and where it stops along the route.

Observation Carriage

The observation carriage is the train’s last carriage, and all the seats face backwards, looking towards the large windows showing the beautiful views of the hills.

Observation carriage first class seating with fans on the ceiling and windows on the sides that are open

There is no air conditioning on the observation carriage of the train we took; there are fans on the ceiling, but they didn’t do much! The side windows were open, which ventilated the carriage sufficiently whilst moving.

Luke and Kay from Flawless Journeys sitting in there seats in the Observation carriage first class Seats 21 and 22

Our seats number 21 and 22 were right in front of the windows, they had ample legroom and stunning views the windows framed stunning panoramas like live paintings.

Luke sitting in his Observation carriage first class Seat view on the Sri Lankan Train journey from Ella

Train Inspector

There is an inspector who checks the tickets to make sure everyone is in their allocated seats.

Luke's ticket being checked by the Sri Lanka train guard
Sri Lanka Train from Ella train guard standing in an open door way of the train

Although the views from our seats (which I would say were the best on that carriage) were amazing, the entrance doors of the carriage were our favourite place to be. We were more drawn to this space between the observation carriage and the train guards’ room.

Open Doors

Kay from Flawless Journeys hanging out of the Sri Lankan train door whilst the train is moving

From here we could literally hang out of the open doors, with the thrill of the ride and feel the wind through our hair, it was such an exhilarating experience.

Luke looking out of the train from Ella to Kandy looking out at stunning views in Sri Lanka


However, be warned, fellow adventurers – those tunnels sneak up on you! You’re hanging out the train one minute, looking over Sri Lanka’s tea country. The next, you’re swallowed in cool darkness – it’s all part of the fun. Just keep your eyes peeled for their approach!

Sri Lanka Train from Ella going through a tunnel with people hanging out of the doors of the train

The doors were left open during the whole journey, which also gave us a beautiful viewing point to sit down and look out off along the way when we weren’t hanging out of the doors, and it kept us cool.

Kay standing in the open doorway on the Ella Train Ride in Sri Lanka

As already mentioned, we went in September. This is not the peak time to go, so we had those doors to ourselves pretty much the whole journey! If you go during peak seasons, you will need to share these doors with others!

Luke from flawless journeys on the Ella train ride to Nanu Oya sitting on the floor looking at the beautiful views

Train Toilets

Let’s say the train toilets are best avoided if possible. Make sure to take your own toilet tissue, hand sanitiser, and a peg for your nose!!! I was going to get a picture for the blog but soon changed my mind!!

Despite this minor inconvenience, our September train ride was not overly crowded, making for a comfortable journey overall.

Kay on the Ella to Kandy Train

Kandy to Ella Train Views

We have shared plenty of pictures we took on the journey and shared videos on our social media channels. If you are doing the whole Ella to Kandy train ride. The sections shown here are some of the best sections of the longer train journey. Between Nanu Oya and Haputale stations are the best parts.

Sri Lanka Scenic Train ride from Ella of the tea plantations

Most of the journey between Ella and Nanu Oya is looking over flourishing vegetable allotments and hilly tea plantations.

Tea plantation views from Sri Lanka Train from Ella

The train ride gradually creeps up and through the hills, getting cooler as you approach the Nuwara Eliya district. The highest station is Pattipola station (our train did not stop here), located 1897.5 m (6225 feet) above sea level.

A Hindu temple seen on the Sri Lanka Train from Ella

There are temples to spot along the way and look out for the friendly locals as you pass their train-side homes. I even got a wave from this family!

Sri Lankan locals seen outside there house from the train journey from Ella in Sri Lanka

We received a warning to be on the lookout for individuals standing near the rails, using sticks to knock phones out of people’s hands while taking photos. Although we did not witness or experience this ourselves, I wanted to share the message with others to advise them to stay vigilant!

Sri Lankan railway workers working on the train tracks
A train worker holding his tools and people walking on the track along side the Sri Lankan train at a platform

We were amazed and impressed by the railway workers maintaining the lines. Being in the last carriage, we saw them waiting on the side of the train line, eager to get back to their repairs on the tracks.

Someone walking on the train tacks going to work

You also saw locals walking on the rails as soon as we passed them!

Vegetable allotments seen from the train journey from Ella in Sri Lanka

Locals amused us as they sold their freshly grown vegetables to people on the train between Ohiya and Nanu Oya station. They passed the bags through the doors and windows, exchanging them for money.

Train station sign Ohiya stating this area is 1774M Above sea level
Vegetable sellers on the tracks selling veg to locals on the Sri Lanka train

Nanu Oya Train Station

Nanu Oya Station was our departing stop on this Ella to Kandy train journey. This small village station is located within the Nuwara Eliya District.

Nanu Oya Train station in Sri Lanka with people standing on the platform waiting for a train

The climate in Nuwara Eliya is a significant change from Ella! We did not prepare ourselves well, so I advise you to take a jumper and warm shoes!

When you leave the station, there is a food truck (or bus) called Dr. Chef, which sells Sri Lankan food or hot dogs, burgers or chicken. Or get yourself a hot drink to warm up.

Dr Chef food truck out side the Nanu Oya train station in Sri Lanka

It wasn’t too much of a problem for us as we had arranged for our driver to pick us up from here to take us on to explore the things to do in Nuwara Eliya and a delightful stay at The Heritance Hotel. Read more about our stay at The Heritance Tea Factory Hotel.

I highly recommend stopping off at Nanu Oya during your Sri Lanka Train from Ella, where you can get a taxi or tuk-tuk to Nuwara Eliya, the coolest part (as in cool temperature) of the entire country.

Luke and Kay from Flawless journeys on the platform at Nanu Oya in Sri Lanka

It is a beautiful part of Sri Lanka to visit. Be aware that you will need two separate tickets for the next part of your Ella train journey. Or on to Kandy Railway Station.

The Kandy to Ella train is undeniably one of the most beautiful train rides you will experience. You are seeing the Sri Lankan hill country towns from a different perspective. We highly recommend you give it a go.

Read our travel guide for Nuwara Eliya next!

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