Things to Do in Bath

Our love for travel and exploration led us to the charming city of Bath, England. Here, we discovered many things to do in Bath that we can’t wait to share with you!

We’ve been to Bath a few times, for its amazing history and lively culture, most recently in October 2023 for a weekend break, and let us tell you, each visit has been absolutely unforgettable!

Luke walking the entrance of the Roman baths with bath abbey cathedral in the background, Kay standing outside the entrance of Mary Shelley's House of Frankenstein in Bath, The Roman Baths in Bath with statues of emperor's on top and Kay eating her gluten free afternoon tea at the pump rooms in Bath

From the steamy waters of the ancient Roman Baths to the indulgent treats at Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House, from breathtaking panoramic views atop Alexandra Park to tranquil strolls alongside the River Avon, Bath is full of surprises waiting to be discovered.

Luke and Kay from Flawless journeys at the Pulteney Bridge Bath

Whether you’re a history buff, a culture vulture, looking for a romantic weekend break or simply searching for some downtime amidst stunning landscapes – your flawless journey for what to do in Bath starts here!

Things to do in Bath

Nestled in the heart of Somerset, Bath in England offers a diverse collection of experiences sure to captivate every type of traveller during a city break. As you wander its Georgian streets, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time. This UNESCO World Heritage Site City brims with grand architecture and iconic landmarks, but that’s just the beginning.

Luke and Kay holding a glass of prosecco each sitting at the table in the restaurant in the pump room in bath

Allow us to share our delightful experiences of exploring the charming city of Bath. We’ve compiled a list of activities thoughtfully arranged in order of location for your convenience to assist you in planning your itinerary. Whether on a weekend getaway or a day trip, these recommendations will surely enhance your visit to this beautiful city.

Roman Baths

One of our top recommendations for your trip to Bath is a visit to the Roman Baths. This iconic landmark offers a unique glimpse into the city’s ancient history and is a must-see for any traveller. And what better way to enhance your experience than indulging in a delicious breakfast or afternoon tea at the Pump Rooms before or after your visit?

The Roman Baths in Bath with statues of emperor's on top

The Roman Baths are a world-class heritage site, and each visit feels like stepping back into a bygone era. The Great Bath offer a fascinating insight into how the Romans enjoyed this relaxing Roman temple, and the museum is packed with treasures from the time and hands on experiences.

Luke walking the entrance of the Roman baths with bath abbey cathedral in the background

We have much more to share about the Roman Baths. We will save that for another post!


Luke and Kay taking a selfie with The Roman Baths in the background in Bath Somerset

Don’t forget to book the Pump Room for afternoon tea next door!

Afternoon tea Pump rooms in Bath

Bath Abbey

Situated outside the Roman Baths, experience the breathtaking beauty of the Bath Abbey Cathedral. With its beautiful stained glass windows, why not take the opportunity to climb bath abbey’s tower.

Luke from Flawless journeys standing outside Bath Abbey Cathedral

Discover the captivating events and attractions awaiting you during your visit.

Orange Grove Obelisk

This stonework obelisk was renamed in honour of the Prince of Orange. Orange Grove can be seen between the front of Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge.

Orange Grove Bath

Walking Tour

You can take a walking tour of Bath if you can’t navigate all the iconic sights yourself.

Pulteney Bridge

With its stunning architecture, the iconic Pulteney Bridge is an Instagrammer’s dream. We even managed to capture a rainbow!

Kay from flawless journeys at the Pulteney Bridge Bath

Pulteney Bridge on Great Pulteney Street is a testament to Georgian architecture, mesmerising visitors with the cascading River Avon, its beautifully adorned arches and elegant colonnades.

Pulteney Bridge Bath

Parade Gardens

Take a stroll down to the scenic Parade Gardens from the iconic Pulteney Bridge and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this charming riverside park. As you wander along, you’ll be captivated by the vibrant colours of the blooming flowers, the soothing sounds of the flowing river, and the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting from the cosy café nestled within the park.

Parade Gardens view from Pulteney Bridge Bath

It’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and soak up the tranquil ambience while enjoying a cup of your favourite brew.

Boat Tour

Experience Bath from a fresh perspective aboard an authentic 1960s river cruiser down the Avon canal, available for both shared and exclusive hire. Savour two flutes of Prosecco or indulge in limitless offerings of Prosecco and gin-tasting options.


The bustling high street has many of your usual high street brands, with more unique, charming shops and boutiques. There’s something to captivate every shopper’s heart.

Kay walking up the High Street in Bath

Topping and Company Bookshop

Topping and Company, the enchanting bookshop, resides within the historic meeting house. It’s a great place for book lovers.

Front entrance to the Topping and Company Booksellers Bath

As you step inside, you’ll be transported back in time by the grand architecture and charming atmosphere of the former Freemason Hall. Every nook and cranny is filled with books, inviting you to explore and discover literary treasures waiting to be unearthed.

Street Entertainers

While wandering the charming streets of Bath, take a moment to delight in the captivating performances of the talented street artists.

Street entertainer outside the pump room in Bath
Street Entertainer singing outside shops in Bath
Bath Abbey Cathedral with a street entertainer outside playing the guitar

Ghost Tour

Experience the thrilling chill of Bath’s history as you weave through its ancient streets, uncovering chilling tales of poltergeists, unspeakable murders, witches, and bizarre hauntings.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the hands-on interactive activities.

Thermae Bath Spa

Our visit to the Thermae Bath Spa was nothing short of magical. Its open-air thermal bath is perfect for unwinding and soaking in the serenity of the hot springs. Phones are not allowed, so savour the experience in the moment.

Luke standing outside the front entrance to the Thermae Bath Spa

Unfortunately, we couldn’t capture any pictures for you, but it was a blessing in disguise. It gave us a couple of hours of respite from technology, allowing us to fully unwind in the heated rooftop pool while gazing over the rooftops of the beautiful Bath.

Thermae Bath Spa roof top pool bath in Bath Somerset

We also indulged in various hot and cold experiences at the spa, including steam rooms, saunas, relaxation rooms, and even ice rooms. To top it off, there’s a spacious indoor pool where you can truly unwind. And when it’s time to refuel, there’s a cosy café where you can grab a bite to eat or sip on a refreshing drink.

The Cross Bath

Located across from the Thermae Bath Spa, The Cross Bath offers the perfect venue for hosting private parties. Its charming ambience is sure to leave a lasting impression!

The Cross Bath / The cross Spring in Bath

Sally Lunns

We fondly remember our visit to Sally Lunn’s Eating House back in 2018. This is one of the oldest buildings in Bath, dating back to 1482, and offers a unique dining experience as a tea room, shop and museum.

Sally Lunn's in Bath Somerset

They do not accept daytime bookings, so be prepared to queue to eat Sally Lunn’s buns! It is always busy! You can just visit the museum without eating there.

Boom Battle Bar

We are huge enthusiasts of Boom Battle Bar, where you can enjoy augmented darts, shuffleboard, or even axe throwing! It’s an absolute delight for us to enjoy some healthy competition with good drinks!

Front entrance to the Battle Boom Bar Bath


Nestled in the heart of Bath, the Little Theatre Cinema serves as a charming escape from everyday life. With its quaint, art-deco style and diverse collection of films, ranging from mainstream blockbusters to international art-house specials, there’s something for everyone.

Little Theatre Cinema entrance Bath

The cinema also boasts a unique calendar of special events. Look no further than the Little Theatre Cinema if you’re seeking a cinematic experience dripping with character and nostalgia.

You also have an Odeon Cinema for all the latest blockbusters.

Odeon Cinema in Bath

New Theatre Royal, Bath

Nestled in the city centre, the Theatre Royal Bath is a full of culture and entertainment that cannot be missed during your visit. This historic venue, dating back to 1805, has been a pillar of performing arts for centuries, showcasing an eclectic mix of plays, musicals, stand-up comedy events, and more.

Its grand architecture and timeless charm will captivate you even before the performances do.

New Theatre Royal front entrance Bath Somerset

Every week at this prestigious theatre is different – from world-class productions with renowned actors to innovative works by emerging talents. Whether you’re a fan of classic dramas or contemporary comedies, there’s always something to suit your taste.

While planning your itinerary for Bath, it’s highly recommended that you check out what’s on at the Theatre Royal during your stay.

New Theatre Royal front entrance Bath

Assembly Rooms

The Assembly Rooms in Bath are a testament to the city’s rich cultural history, steeped in Georgian elegance and opulence. Designed by John Wood the Younger in 1771, these rooms served as a hub for high society gatherings, including balls, concerts and card games.

In addition to being a popular venue for social functions, the Assembly Rooms also house the world-renowned Fashion Museum. With a collection dating from the late 16th century to present-day couture pieces, this museum is an absolute must-visit for any fashion enthusiast.

Jane Austen Centre

The beautiful city of Bath in England is not only known for its Roman baths and Georgian architecture but also as the backdrop for many of Jane Austen’s beloved novels.

Kay standing outside the Jane Austin centre in Bath

Although we didn’t visit the Jane Austen Centre this time or last time, it’s definitely on our list for our next visit.

Thirsty Meeples

The secret is finally out! Luke and I proudly proclaim ourselves as avid board game enthusiasts.

Luke standing outside the Thirsty Meeples board game café in Bath

This Board Game cafe is phenomenal, and we’re already counting down the days until our next visit, eager to indulge in more captivating board games!

People playing games Thirsty Meeples board game café in Bath

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein

Explore Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, a true delight for literature enthusiasts. Our visit was filled with fun moments as we delved into the rich history surrounding Mary Shelley.

Kay standing outside the entrance of Mary Shelley's House of Frankenstein in Bath

Escape Room

We eagerly embraced the heart-pounding challenge of The Shallows Basement Escape Room at Mary Shelley, which provided an exhilarating experience. With pride, we emerged victorious, completing the room in an impressive 39 minutes!

Luke and Kay holding the board with a time of 39 minutes which was the time we completed the Shallows Escape room at Mary Shelley's House of Frankenstein in Bath

Continue walking up Gay Street to visit the circus.


You will be in awe of the Circus Buildings of Bath, an awe-inspiring circular design of townhouses, a testament to Georgian architectural excellence. Constructed between 1754 and 1769 under the keen eye of architect John Wood the Elder.

The Circus in Bath Somerset

The name “Circus” isn’t a nod to acrobats but comes from the Latin word ‘circus’, meaning circle – it is Europe’s first circular street. The front of the houses have emblems and sculptures that narrate tales of England’s past: serpents biting their tails symbolise eternity, while nautical motifs pay homage to Britain’s maritime prowess.

The Royal Crescent

As you walk around the corner from the circus. The Royal Crescent is a renowned architectural marvel in Bath, England, comprising of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent, which has been a symbol of Georgian elegance since its completion in 1774. Most of the homes are now apartments.

Luke standing on the cobbled road on the Royal Crescent in Bath

No 1 Royal Crescent Musuem

But, No 1 Royal Crescent still stands as a museum which captures the Gerorgian Times in Bath, gains the period style is upheld by the Bath Preservation Trust.

The Royal Crescent Entrance to the museum in Bath

The museum’s captivating ‘immersive experience’ employs meticulously crafted film and sound projections in each room, transporting visitors to a bygone era.

The Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum, situated in Sydney Gardens is Bath’s first public art gallery. A treasure trove of fine art and decorative arts nestled in a Grade I listed building. It features the extensive collection of Sir William Holburne.


Bath and its surrounding area boast a plenty of picturesque parks awaiting exploration.

Royal Victoria Park

You can access the Royal Victoria Park directly in front of the Royal Crescent.

Green fields in the Royal Victoria Park Bath

Stroll away from the bustling street and enjoy some time in the Botanical Gardens.

Luke and Kay out side the Botanical gardens in the Royal Victoria park Bath

Stop off at the Urban Garden Centre during your visit.

The Urban Garden in Bath Somerset

Alexander Park

Take a 20 minute walk from the city centre of Bath, you can explore the tranquillity of Alexandra Park, offering stunning panoramic views of the city.

Prior Park

Or a 10 minute drive away you can visit Prior Park, a National Trust Garden (originally founded by entrepreneur Ralph Allen) with lakes and woodlands, check out the Palladian Bridge, an iconic architectural gem nestled in the idyllic countryside.

Bath Ice Rink

If you are visiting between late November and early January, include the Bath Ice Rink in your itinerary.

Luke from flawless journeys in the bar and eating areas holding a glass of bubbly and a pint of ale in the outdoor ice rink in Bath

Not only do you get a chance to skate on ice, but you also get to enjoy all the Christmas markets and delicious food!

Bath Skyline Walk

If you are looking for a way to work off all the delicious food eaten during your stay at Bath, the Bath Skyline Walk is a six mile route that provides a fresh outlook on the city of Bath, on this circular walk around the hill-skirting woods.

Our journey to Bath is a flawless blend of history, culture, food and relaxation. We hope this account of our experiences inspires you to plan your adventure to this wonderful city!

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its ancient architecture and rich history. It’s famous for its hot springs and well-kept Roman Spa, some of the best bits left from the ancient world.

In the 18th century, Bath transformed into a stylish town with stunning Palladian buildings that perfectly fit with the old Roman baths. What’s more, Bath got extra recognition in 2021 when it became a ‘double-inscribed’ UNESCO site alongside the Great Spa Towns of Europe.

Check out the Bath World Heritage Centre. It’s packed with interactive displays that show why Bath is so unique. They also host talks exploring why Bath is globally important.

Getting around Bath City Centre

With its compact city centre, and intertwining lanes, navigating Bath offers a delightful adventure that seamlessly blends history with modern convenience.


Our favourite way to explore the historic city of Bath is undoubtedly by foot. Walking along Bath’s cobblestone streets, surrounded by Georgian buildings, feels like stepping back in time.

From the renowned Royal Crescent, to the Circus and moving towards nestled amongst architectural wonders like Bath Abbey. The ancient Roman Baths, one can truly appreciate the city’s rich history. The Parade Gardens offer a serene riverside retreat, while the Skyline Walk provides breathtaking panoramic views. A walk around Bath is more than sightseeing – it’s about immersing in deep-rooted traditions and creating unforgettable memories.

Map of Bath showing all locations to go and visit in Bath Somerset

Hop on Hop off Open Top Bus Tour

Another popular method of transport in bath is the hop on hop off open top bus tour.

This unique and convenient mode of transportation allows you to explore Bath at your own pace and itinerary while taking in all the sights and sounds along the way.


For those tight on time, or simply wanting to add a dash of exhilaration to their city exploration, Tier e-scooters offer a quick and efficient way around Bath. These eco-friendly scooters are readily available and easy to use, ensuring you reach your destination swiftly whilst enjoying the scenic views.

Kay standing on a Tier Scooter in Bath


Taxis and Uber services are available in Bath for late-night outings or when convenience is key. These services provide door-to-door transport, making navigating the city easier without worrying about parking or schedules. It’s a particularly good choice if you’re venturing out to some less easily accessible attractions or returning after a long day of exploring.


Consider taking the local bus service if you prefer a more relaxed pace. Offering comprehensive routes throughout the city, buses in Bath provide an affordable and comfortable way to travel. You can sit back, absorb the historic beauty of this Georgian city from your window seat, and arrive at your location refreshed and ready for sightseeing.

Where to Stay in Bath

Put yourself in the rich history and stunning architecture of Bath by staying at one of the beautiful hotels in bath , each offering a unique slice of this UNESCO World Heritage city.

The Abbey Hotel

The Abbey Hotel is a charming establishment that effortlessly marries tradition with contemporary comfort. Its prime location offers guests unrivalled access to iconic landmarks such as the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, both merely a stone’s throw away.

Kay standing outside the Abbey Hotel in Bath

Inside, each uniquely designed room tells its own story; they are tastefully furnished and equipped with modern amenities for ultimate relaxation

Z Hotel

We spent a night at the Z Hotel, a conveniently located establishment in the heart of town that offers all the necessary amenities, albeit in a compact space.

Z hotel front entrance in Bath

Overall, our stay was pleasant, and the hotel’s central location made it a convenient choice. The low price for such a central location was well worth it!

Double bed with flat screen tv on the wall with a computer table to the side of the bed with kettle and tea and coffee kit at the Z hotel in Bath

Despite its small size, the room was modern and well-equipped, providing everything we needed.

It’s worth noting that the bathroom is compact, separated from the room by frosted glass. While this didn’t bother us as a married couple. Those sharing with a friend may find the lack of privacy less desirable.

Bathroom area in the double room in the Z hotel in Bath

The breakfast was pricey for a basic continental, but with plenty of eateries, you won’t be short of choices, so we don’t recommend booking the breakfast.


Eight is more than just a hotel. With its unique blend of modern comfort and Georgian elegance, this boutique hotel offers eight beautifully designed rooms, each with its own charm. Every detail at Eight has been carefully curated to provide an immersive experience beyond mere accommodation.

Eight hotel front entrance in Bath

Here, guests can indulge in exceptional dining at their renowned restaurant, which serves locally-sourced, seasonal dishes that tantalise the taste buds.

Apex Hotel

Our stay at the Apex Hotel was nothing short of a luxurious retreat. The opulent superior room offered comfort, while the world-class spa provided an oasis of tranquillity.

Front entrance of the Apex Hotel

We indulged in refreshing swims in the pristine pool and kept up with our fitness routine at the well-equipped gym. The hotel’s commitment to delivering a flawless experience truly made our stay memorable, encapsulating luxury at its finest.

Superior Double bedroom in the Apex Hotel Bath

We will write a full review of this hotel soon!

The Gainsborough Spa and Hotel

The Gainsborough Bath Spa is next on our list to stay at, offering a haven of elegance and tranquillity during a romantic visit to Bath. This five-star hotel boasts unique features such as its beautiful glass atrium and direct access to the thermal waters, steeped in history and renowned for their healing properties.

Kay standing outside the Gainsborough Hotel front entrance in Bath

The spa offers an array of indulgent treatments designed to rejuvenate and relax, whilst the high-end suites provide luxurious comfort with plush furnishings and stunning views over the iconic cityscape.

Best time to visit Bath, UK

However, Bath is a city that can be enjoyed throughout the year, each season offering its unique charm.

It is beautiful at Christmas time, with the streets lined with twinkling lights and carol singers filling the air with festive cheer.

Luke standing in the high street in Bath with snow coming down

In the springtime, Bath is a burst of colour as flowers bloom in its many gardens and parks. Summer brings warm temperatures perfect for outdoor activities such as picnics, walks along the river, and al fresco dining.

Kay walking through Royal Victoria Park in Bath

Autumn is one of our favourite times to visit Bath. The city is painted in a beautiful palette of autumn colours, making it a photographer’s paradise. The weather is usually mild, with a crisp autumnal chill, perfect for wrapping up and exploring the city on foot.

No matter when you choose to visit Bath, one thing remains constant – its timeless beauty. Strolling through its cobbled streets and admiring its stunning architecture will transport you back in time.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by Georgian buildings adorned with intricate details. Imposing structures like the Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey.

Food in Bath

Walking around the enchanting Bath City, you’ll be instantly captivated by a delightful medley of mouthwatering food aromas.

The Bath Sweet shop in Bath
Luke standing outside the Cornish Bakehouse in Bath

From charmingly quaint sweet shops to the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked goodies wafting from local bakeries and tea rooms. Bath is a foodie’s paradise, offering culinary adventures at various restaurants.

Kay eating her gluten free afternoon tea at the pump rooms in Bath, With gluten free scones, apple crumble, lemon tart, chocolate brownie and fruit tart. and gluten free sandwiches.

You’ll discover dishes influenced by global cuisines yet crafted with locally sourced ingredients, capturing the true essence of Bath. We have another blog post dedicated to places to eat in Bath; coming soon.

Thai Balcony restaurant in Bath
Giggling Squid Bath Somerset

For now, you will find a more detailed account of our fine dining experience at The Ivy Bath. Check out our blog post review of the Ivy Bath.

Kay sitting at the bar in the The Ivy in Bath

Pubs and Bars in Bath

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Somerset, the historic city of Bath boasts an impressive array of pubs. Inviting travellers from all walks of life.

Vino vino pub and Garrick's pub in Bath
The Raven Pub Bath

Each one is steeped in history and character, echoing Bath’s rich heritage. From traditional alehouses with centuries-old roots to modern gastropubs offering a contemporary twist on classic British fare, there’s a public house for every taste.

The Huntsman Pub Bath
The Architect pub and Restaurant in Bath

Whether you’re looking to unwind with a pint after exploring the Roman Baths or seeking a cosy corner to delve into local legends, Bath’s pubs provide an authentic experience.

Luke from Flawless Journeys in the Apex hotel bar seating area having a pint of lager

With their well-stocked bars brimming with regional beers, ciders and spirits, they serve not just as watering holes but hubs of community life. We will write a new blog post showing our delightful experiences in Bath’s vibrant pub scene.

Where to visit after Bath

If you have more time on your hands. There are plenty of charming towns and cities within close proximity to Bath.

Bristol, with its vibrant arts scene and historic harbourside, is just a short train ride away. The Cotswolds, known for its quintessentially English villages and rolling hills, is also a must-visit.

For those interested in ancient history, a trip to Stonehenge could be an excellent addition to your itinerary. And, of course, London is just 90 minutes away by train, providing endless opportunities for sightseeing and entertainment.

You may also like to check out Winchester. We also have a post of things to do in Winchester.

In closing, our romantic weekend trip to Bath is nothing short of magical. The city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious food have left an indelible mark on our hearts. We hope this post inspired you to plan your adventure to this enchanting city.

Luke and Kay from Flawless Journeys at the pump rooms in Bath

This post is based on our personal experiences and should only be used as a guide. Always do your research and planning before travelling.

Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for more travel inspiration and tips!

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