Things to Do in Agadir Morocco

Agadir is an amazing city situated along the coast of Morocco, North Africa there are so many things to do in Agadir. Offering beautiful beaches and a vibrant city center atmosphere choose from outdoor activities like surfing and sandboarding to cultural attractions such as souks, and ancient kasbahs – there’s something for everyone in this bustling port town.

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Here are some of the top things to do in Agadir, Morocco that will surely make your stay unforgettable! Including places we have been to during our stays at Hotel Riu Palace Tikida and Riu Tikida Beach.

Then we will continue with more of the most popular things to do in Agadir, which we will be doing on our next visit to this great destination.

Agadir Beach

Agadir beach is the main attraction of this city, with its sandy beach going on for miles with crystal-clear blue waters. This sandy beach is a great place for, relaxing, sunbathing and swimming or simply enjoying the spectacular views of the Kasbah and the Atlas Mountains in the distance. One of the best things to see and not to be missed is the stunning sunset on the beach.

The beach of Agadir with the promenade and the Kasbah in the far distance

Agadir Promenade

The Agadir coast stretches over 4 km from the souss river, past a golf course, through the beautiful beaches and royal palace all the way up to the Agadir Marina and port.

Picture of the Atlas mountains, the Kasbah and the coastline of Agadir in Morocco taken from a plane window

The promenade is paved all the way, following along the coastline with palm trees scattered along. Take a walk a few kilometres from the hotel you are staying at to find some of the best restaurants the town has to offer.

Kasbah of Agadir Oufla

Kasbah is an old 16th-century Agadir fortress, at the top of a hill overlooking the Atlantic coastline and city.
You can take a guided tour and find out all about the history. Including the devasting earthquake that struck the city in 1960.

Luke and Kay having a selfie at the Kasbah in Agadir Morocco

All that remains of the fortress, are the outer walls which have been restored. You will not be able to go beyond these walls as this is now classed as a burial ground for the thousands of residents. Who were sadly buried under the rubble from the Earthquake.

The views from the top on a clear day is amazing. Not to be missed you will see all of the coastline, makes a great photo.

Kay sitting on the wall at the Kasbah with the beaches and sea view of Agadir Morocco in the background

There are plenty of information boards up there full of history written in English, French and Arabic. There is also a cafe

We used the Get your Guide site to book the city trip. Which included an English-speaking tour guide with an air-conditioned car. He took us the Marina, Kasbah, Argon Oil Factory, a Mosque and the Souk El Had Market.

It is also a beautiful site at night from the beach with the Arabic words “God, Country, King“. Written in lights on the side of the hill. Or marvel at the beauty of Agadir city lit up at night from the top of the hill.

Agadir Marina

Agadir Marina is a breathtaking destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Morocco. It is a small harbour with fairly new luxury apartments built up around it.

You can walk to it from the hotel. There are also plenty of cafes, restaurants and designer shops in the area. So, Agadir Marina has something for everyone! The marina is where you will depart if you go on boat tours. A drive past the marina is also included if you take a city tour.

Agadir Souk

Located in Agadir’s city center. With 12 gates and approximately 6000 stalls it will take about 3 hours to view it all! The Souk El Had in Agadir is an absolute must-see for visitors. They are some of the most picturesque souks in the country.

Luke and Kay having a selfie at one of the entrances to the Souk EL Had in Agadir Morocco

Souk El Had of Agadir is the largest in Morocco, the stalls sell everything from local handicrafts, toiletries, spices, jewellery furnishings and clothes.

Luke walking though the Souk EL Had in Agadir Morocco looking at all the stalls

Be prepared to barter if you buy something. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of this amazing experience. The transfer for our trip was included in our city tour. But you can get a taxi from the hotel straight to the market if you wanted to spend longer.

A large stall of Tagine Terracotta pots for sale in the the Souk EL Had in Agadir Morocco

Agadir Birds Valley

A great spot to observe beautiful birds, Agadir Birds Valley is a peaceful bird sanctuary that’s in walking distance from most of the Agadir hotels on the promenade. Embellished with lush greenery, this free animal park has as an expansive aviary housing birds imported from South America and Asia.

It has mesmerizing fountains and even a petite zoo all surrounded by fun play areas for kids! So its a great family thing to do in Agadir, Morocco. Oh, and its free to enter!


Agadir city offers an array of stunning mosques for tourists to explore. The most spectacular is undoubtedly the Grande Mosque, built in 1965 during the reign of King Hassan II.

Visitors can marvel at its intricate Moroccan architecture and experience a sense of tranquillity as they explore the grand mosque with its imposing structure.

Luke walking down stairs outside one of the entrances to Mohammed V Mosque in Agadir Morocco

Another incredible mosque worth visiting is the Mohammed V Mosque, which stands as the largest religious building in Morocco and a must-see destination in Agadir. Included in our city tour, we weren’t able to go inside though.

Mohammed V Mosque in Agadir Morocco


A crocodile park that’s only a 15 minutes drive away from the city centre where you can get up close and personal with these amazing reptiles.

Luke and Kay at the Crocoparc in Agadir

The crocoparc is one of our favourite half day trip in Agadir (Or you can do a full day including crocoparc and the city tour). Suited for all ages, beautifully maintained gardens with trees and a variety of plants from all around the world.

Crocodiles in a pool of water at the Crocoparc in Agadir Morocco

At the crocoparc, you will find over 300 captivating Nile crocodiles as well as massive tortoises, vibrant iguanas, slithery snakes and enthralling marmosets.

A large Iguana at the Crocoparc in Agadir Morocco

Hammam Spa

Enjoy an unforgettable spa experience in Agadir with a traditional Hammam and Massage. Indulge in the ancient ritual of the Berbers for total relaxation and rejuvenation.

Luke outside the Argan Palace massage centre

They cover the body in argon oil, then you can relax in a steam room. They return to give you a full body scrub and a soft foam wash. Ending with a full body massage. There is something special about having your stresses massaged away in luxurious surroundings with aromatic oils.

With its countless therapeutic benefits, a Hammam massage is the perfect way to pamper yourself while visiting Agadir.

Argan Oil Factory

Visit an Argan Oil factory to see how this precious oil is extracted and produced. It’s a great opportunity to interact with the locals and try samples of their delicious products! This visit is often included with other day trips.

Quad Biking

Exploring the Moroccan countryside or desert sand dunes on a quad bike is the ultimate adventure.
After a lesson on how to ride the quad bike, you will pass through Berber villages, farmlands, fig and argan orchards on to the sand dunes and return to relax.

Camel Ride

Why not book a camel ride experience for Instagram-worthy photos it really is a must-do experience when visiting Agadir.

Camel rides are offered in many places in the Agadir area from the beach to the desert at all times of the day (Sunset is my favourite time). A Camel Ride is often sold as a part of a day or half-day package.

Horse Ride

Horse riding is a great way to explore different areas around Agadir, Morocco. You can ride along the beautiful beaches at sunset or enjoy beautiful views of the ocean from the mountain tracks.

Boat Trip

An amazing way to view Agadir is from the sea. Boating tours leave from the Agadir Marina. They are an ideal way to enjoy the beauty of the city’s coastline. Enjoy the view of the great beaches as you cruise along, taking in sights such as historical monuments and natural landmarks.


Enjoy fishing on some of the boat tours in Agadir and learn about traditional fishing methods. This is perfect for those who want to experience the local culture and discover something new in Agadir.

Fantasia Night

Chems Ayour Agadir is the perfect place to experience a traditional Fantasia Night.

Luke and Kay with Luke's Mum and Dad standing in front of a horse with his rider at a Fantazia night at Chems Ayour Agadir

Enjoy a night of Berber music and cuisine, surrounded by the rhythms of Moroccan and Berber cultural heritage.

Authentic Berber Bread with dips at the Fantasia night at Chems Ayour Agadir

Sit inside the cozy space of a “Caidal” tent and be greeted with traditional hospitality as you savour the flavours of authentic Berber dishes.

A Caidal Tent where we eat Authentic Berber dishes at the Fantazia night at Chems Ayour Agadir

You’ll also be entertained by singers and dancers during the meal. Followed by a fire show and performance outside from acrobats and ended with an amazing experience of Moroccan Tbourida horse riders performing their Fantazia show.

The horses charge down the straight track in the stadium and as they reach the end of the stadium they fire into the sky with their muskets.

Luke and Kay dressed up in a Berber outfits at the Fantasia night at Chems Ayour Agadir

Finally, enjoy a dance with the staff and if you are lucky (like we were) they will even allow you to wear their Berber outfits! Chems Ayour Agadir is an unforgettable destination for an evening of fun and culture.

Agadir Dolphin World

Dolphin World is perfect for those looking for family-friendly things to do in Agadir Morocco. Where visitors can observe and interact with friendly captive dolphins.

Get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful aquatic creatures as you watch them swim, play, and perform tricks.


Agadir is a paradise for watersports lovers. With its stunning beaches, warm weather and clear blue waters, Agadir provides the perfect conditions to enjoy an array of exciting activities. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day in the sun on the beach. Or an adrenaline-pumping activity like surfing or kitesurfing, you’ll find it all here.
From jet skiing and banana boat rides to paddle boarding and parasailing. There are plenty of fun options available in Agadir that will make your holiday extra special.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Agadir, Morocco is an exhilarating experience for adventure seekers.
Glide past stunning landscapes and take in spectacular views of the beach as you speed across the waves. Enjoy a thrilling jet ski ride along the shoreline.

Banana Boat

The banana boat ride gives you and your friends the chance to have a blast on the water. The experience is fun and exciting as you race across the waves. Spinning and laughing while you make your way through nature’s playground.
Perfect for groups of friends or family members.


Agadir is a great spot for all levels of surfing, and the perfect place to start your surfing journey. With a number of surf schools in the area, you can get lessons and rent boards to try it out.
The Taghazout beach is also a great place for surfing. Or try your hand at bodyboarding if you don’t feel confident at surfing.


Parasailing is a great way to experience the beauty and stunning views of Agadir from the air. A fun and adrenaline-filled activity for all ages – a great way to spend the day.

Amazigh Musuem

The Amazigh Museum in Agadir is a must-see destination for exploring the rich cultural heritage of Morocco. This museum features extensive displays and exhibits focusing on the country’s Amazigh people. Showcasing an array of rural Moroccan life artifacts from ancient coins. Traditional folk costumes, traditional jewellery, textile weaving, pottery, and more.

Get an up-close glimpse at the ancient lifestyle of this ethnic group and learn about the amazigh culture. Check on google to see if the amazigh museum is open before visiting. There is also a Agadir memorial museum, that may be worth a visit.

Hot Air Balloon Experience

Take in the breathtaking sights of Agadir, Morocco from a hot air balloon. A great way to see the city from above and admire the views of the beaches and mountains. This trip can be cancelled if the conditions are not right and you will need to get up early for this one but it is well worth it!

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is a breathtakingly beautiful place to explore. Experience the wonders of nature, a 45-minute drive from Agadir, Morocco. Day hikes will take you through the rock formations, argan trees, past small villages and lakes. Stop off for some traditional Moroccan food along the way.

For a quieter experience, it is best to visit during the weekdays and make sure you wear suitable footwear for hiking.
It is best to get a tour guide to help you find the best routes and spots so you can take in the views of paradise valley, feel totally secluded and admire its rolling hills and stunning rock formations.

Morocco has experienced a lack of rainfall in recent years, which has impacted the beauty of Paradise Valley. However, it will bloom with life when rain showers pass through. So try to time your visit after rainfall to see the full beauty and vibrant colours.

Agadir Medina

Visiting the Agadir Medina is a unique experience. After the devastating Earthquake of 1960 destroyed so much in Agadir, Morocco. A small medina built to remember the original. Located just five minutes drive from the city center, this sprawling site offers an array of activities and attractions.

The architecture and layout of the new Agadir Medina are truly remarkable, with beautiful medieval-style buildings and workshops, gift and souvenir shops. You do pay a small fee of 50 dirhams to enter (Children are half price and under 4s are free) this includes a drink.

Souss Massa National Park

Souss Massa National Park is located along the Atlantic coast of Morocco and is home to diverse animal and plant species.

This protected area has something for everyone, from camping and hiking to bird watching and cycling, all within a lush environment filled with cork oak trees, juniper shrubs, and plenty of wildlife. The shallow waters are perfect for observing local birds fishing for their food or keeping an eye out for flocks of flamingos.

Golf Clubs

Agadir is home to four beautiful public golf courses: Golf de l’Ocean with 27 holes, Golf Club les Dunes with 9,9,9 holes, Golf Club Le Soleil with 18,9,9 holes and Royal Golf Club Agadir with 9 holes.

All of the golf club courses offer stunning ocean views and sandy terrain that provide a challenge for all types of players.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional golfer, you’ll enjoy your time on the greens in Agadir. With plenty of amenities and restaurants nearby, the golf club will make for great day trip from any hotel or resort. Arrange a private transfer to the golf club and enjoy your day.

Marrakech Day Trip

You can take a day trip to Marrakech from Agadir and explore the vibrant, red city. Marrakech has a plethora of things to see and do, we have been there for a whole week and still not done everything! But there are day trips available if you wanted to go to Marrakech from Agadir for the day.

From thrilling activities, top attractions to cultural experiences, Agadir has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed holiday or a relaxed break in the sun we strongly recommend trying some of these things to do in Agadir, Morocco during your stay.

Let us know what your favourite thing to do in Agadir, Morocco is and if there is anything we have missed out from this amazing city.

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  1. Hi – my boyfriend and I are visiting Agadir in August and I’ve found lots of great ideas in your post to add to our list. I was wondering if you had any tips for women’s outfits over there? I know that tourists are not always expected to be as covered up as locals but I was wondering if you had any advice on this? I’m not sure what kind of outfits I’ll need? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Riri
      You’re going to love it in Agadir 🌞 we are so glad to hear you have made use of the ideas we have given. In most tourist spots, the acceptable dress code is more relaxed, but always show respect for the Muslim faith, especially at religious sites or in public areas. For women, in public places think comfy and modest that cover your shoulders and knees. – maxi dresses/ long skirts/ loose trousers.
      For men, light trousers and t-shirts are the go-to.

      Choose lightweight fabrics to beat the heat in August, it is very hot that time of year.
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